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KARMA: If you are a Viet Nam vet, or if you fave family who served in Viet Nam, this P228 (or P220) could be yours. **WINNERS** Login/Join 
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I was a K-9 handler during the times of VN but I never served there. I was told if I had re-up'ed I would most likely been assigned there. I still have mixed emotions about that today.... strange what brings things back into focus.

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Wow this would be great for my dad and uncle (brothers) who both served in Vietnam. My dad is a member of the PVA (paralyzed veterans association of America) who sometimes do group shoots. This would be a great gun for them to shoot. My uncle actually lied about his age and joined up early with the marines. After his commitment he re-upped this time with the Army. He ended up staying in the Army and then the reserves until the early 2000's. The best part is that they live in the same town so they could shoot this together. Please include me.

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I'll enter for my father in law who served in the navy over there.

My own dad served stateside with a tour in Turkey.
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That's awesomely generous of you, I have one uncle USN UDT / S2 served in country with purple heart (Passed a couple years ago and was swam out to sea) John Earl Pate retired if anyone wants confirm what i know, one uncle US Air force served in and out country aircrew man B. Pate, One Uncle Sonar tech USN R. Hilton, My step Dad, More like my biological father USN GMMCS W. Spivey retired did forward assistin country, ran an armory in country, ship duty as GM in a forward battery with combat, and gunner brown water navy with purple Heart. Thanks for the most generous offer and Patriotism in remembering. Hray

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I served just shy of 3 full tours. I do Not seek to win if by Some accident I did I would ask that it be auctioned off and the proceeds go to Any Veterans Group that actually Helps.
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That is a very generous karma, 12131. I would like to enter on behalf of my uncle, who was killed in action while serving with Kilo Co, 3 BN, 7th Marines on August 28, 1969 in Quang Nam province, during the Battle of Hiep Duc Valley. They handed out a lot of hardware for that fight, including two Navy Crosses and a MoH (Jose Jimenez). My uncle is on the wall just below LCpl. Jimenez. My mother never got over it.


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Please include me, I served in the Navy, deployed Feb 69 to Dec 69, assigned to VP-2, flew in out of Cahm Rahn Bay, Back in 70 on board USS Oriskany, CVA 34. with VFP-63. My father also served there in the US Army,1rst Cav.

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You know that is a great idea.

Can you actually add me to the KARMA. And if I should win sell/auction the gun and give the proceeds to the veterans group of your choice.

My dad started out serving in the Navy aboard the USS America but soon found himself as a corpsman with the Marines. Not sure where specifically he served but he had little respect for the Viet Cong but would speak with a bit of fear regarding tangling with the NVA.

Anyhow if the above is amendable to you put my name in the pot.

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Absolutely amazing. Navy Captain Henry F. Panek M.D. - I never much cared about his stories when I was younger. Now that he is gone, I regret not paying attention.

Very generous of you sir.
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Great Karma, appreciate the thought.
I'm not throwing my name in as my P228 does not get fed enough as it stands, starving a second would be right close to criminal.

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Not trying to enter.

My father in law served in 'Nam. He's always talking about his time in "the jungle."

My father just missed Vietnam.

I read through all the replies, the stories are incredibly personal.

I wish the Vietnam vets weren't treated the way they were. In a way, I think the reason why us OEF/OIF vets were treated so well was guilt from some who treated the Vietnam vets the way they were treated.


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Thank you very much, what a kind gesture. I was there in 1969 and 70.
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My now deceased uncle was their serving in the Marines. I'll enter in his honor. I'm thankful I was too young to serve there. I did 4 years stateside in the USAF. Thanks for a most gracious Karma.

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Gracious Karma! Dad passed away last November, and tomorrow is his birthday. He served in Vietnam x 2, both with the 1st Cav.

He looked like an accountant or a serial-killer type. Definitely one of the service industries.
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April 30th , the fall of Việt Nam.

My old man served there as a Lieutenant in the army.
One uncle was a general.
One uncle still MIA.
One uncle was medically discharged.

I never had the privilege nor honor to serve there. Thank you to each and everyone that did.

And thank you to Mr. 12131 for the generosity.
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Count me in this incredible karma. Thanks Bill
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So6generous, thank you for the opportunity.

Father serve there and uncle Jimmy never returned.

Thank you again.

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My Dad was an Army pilot in VN 1966-67 so I guess I qualify.
It might be hard to find a local FFL if I win though. Cool

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Wow, what a great gesture. I have an uncle and two cousins that served in Viet Nam. Please count me in.
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Very generous Q. Count me in. My brother and I both served in RVN.

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