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KARMA: If you are a Viet Nam vet, or if you fave family who served in Viet Nam, this P228 (or P220) could be yours. **WINNERS** Login/Join 
Oriental Redneck
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April 30th, another day that will live in infamy, is coming up. Thank you to all who served and made the sacrifices in Viet Nam.

If you did serve there, or if you have family who served there, I would like to offer up this P228R (US M11) for one lucky winner.

The Karmanator will pick the winner on 4/30/17. Thank you. Cool

I decided to have 2 winners.
First winner: SIP2000GLO. You get the P228.
Second winner: bushpilot. You get the P220.
And, thank you again to all of those were there. You are not forgotten.

ETA: For whatever reasons you don't want the P228, the following P220 is offered: Smile

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I will take the unlucky number one spot. BUT TO BE CLEAR, I DON'T WANT TO BE ENTERED TO WIN.

My uncle served over there and came home to my grandfather's funeral still in his jungle fatigues and with Vietnam mud in his boots. He borrowed a razor from a stewardess on the plane to shave, and walked into the funeral home still not having had a shower in over a week.

He never talked to me much about the war, but he talked a great deal with my dad when he thought I wasn't listening. I gained a lot of respect for the men of that generation through those conversations.

Please award this to someone more deserving though, because I could not accept this.

Here's to the sunny slopes of long ago.
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Wow, who does this shit. Oh yeah the great group on SigForum. Fantastic offer there.

While my uncle served in Nam and half my extended family are military or ex, I cannot in good faith put my name in for this one. Hopefully somebody deserving receives this fine pistol.
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Please add me in, if I win I will give this to my uncle who has spent over 40 years of his life in law enforcement. His brother (and of course my uncle) was killed in Vietnam.
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This is an awesome Karma but how do you prove the veracity of somebody's claim. I can tell you my dad served in Vietnam as a corpsman in the Marines but how do you know if I am telling the truth? I am telling the truth.

I DO NOT want to be added to the Karma as I think it should go to somebody who did serve.

Great karma though.

I don't generally think folks on this forum would lie or cheat but at the end of the day we are all anonymous.

Take care thanks for offering up a spectacular KARMa.

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I neither served in Vietnam (wasn't born yet) nor had family that served. The war split generations in my family. My grandfather served in Korea. My uncles served during peacetime well after Vietnam. Point is I do not qualify for your unbelievably generous Karma.

Just wanted to comment that you are over and above generous to the SF community.

Thank you.


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My dad was a Sentry Dog handler in Phu Cat from 1969-70. This would be a great gift. Thank you for the opportunity!
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My brother served two tours with the Marines in Viet Nam. I was Viet Nam era, 65-69, but spent all my time in Alaska.

Thank you very much for considering me and thank you very much for the generous offering.
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I seldom post just to say, “Don’t enter me”—which is what I’m saying—but this is so generous and meaningful for me that I must express my thanks. I did serve a tour in Vietnam and am fully aware of the meaning (and consequences) of Black April; my thoughts will always be with those who suffered because of it. To avoid introducing politics into this thread I won’t rant about its cause, but I will never forget either.

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My father-in-law served in Vietnam, brown-water sailor, earned Bronze Star w/valor, 2x Purple Hearts.

Please add me.
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I would love a chance at this Karma. As always 12131, you are so generous. I was not in Viet Nam, however I do have 2 uncles that served, one of whom is still alive and will be turning 70 in June. I have lost 2 other close friends that were pretty much family, both from the effects of their time in Viet Nam. Thanks once again for the chance.

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My father served in the Army in Vietnam, so technically I guess I'm qualified to enter.

However, since I didn't serve (wasn't born yet), *IF* I win, I will give this beautiful pistol to an older friend of mine who did serve, and greatly enjoys the shooting sports, but doesn't have the funds to allow for such a fine weapon.

Please let me know if that's kosher.

Very generous, thanks for the chance.

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Don't enter me, as I'm sure the hoops required to get a gun to CA just isn't worth it, but wanted to say thank you.

Much of my family was displaced by the war and are here as a result of the brave service of many American servicemen. Let us also not forget the Vietnamese that America fought along side.
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The Unknown
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I had an uncle in the US Marine Corps at Khe Sahn. However, if I win, I would transfer it (on your generous behalf of course) to my father in law. He served with the 8th Cavalry as a machine gunner operating a M60 in and around the Ia Drang valley from 66-67. He was WIA near Quang Tri City, earning a purple heart and a bronze star for valor in the process. One of the most humble, generous, and courageous men I've ever known.

And his daughter is kinda hot. Wink

Thanks for the chance at this generous karma.
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My father did 2 tours in Viet Nam on river boats. From what I remember (he never really talked about it), it was the same type of boat and river operating situations depicted in the movie "Apocalypse Now" (I don't know if he ever went into Cambodia... he never stated that he went there).

Sadly, we are coming up on the 3-year anniversary of his passing.

Don't enter me in the drawing even if I am qualified. Just wanted to share a bit about my Dad.


The "Boz"
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12131, Thank you for this amazing opportunity. I did a year with HMM-165 up around Quang Tri in 72-73 supporting the South Vietnamese troops that Aeteocles mentioned. Once again, Thank You!

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Count me in. I've got a uncle that served plus lost another KIA there. That's the main reason my mother refused to let me join. The loss of her brother Eddie was too much.

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Please count me in. My father served 2 tours, albeit on a submarine in the Tonkin Gulf Wink. Thanks for the most generous opportunity.


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I generally don't enter karma's. But, I would love to win this and give it to my Dad. He was USARV in Qui Nhon 1965-66. Thank you for your generosity 12131!

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In Please Lost a Uncle there.
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