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Water company just redid their paper bill layout. It now shows our average daily gallon usage.

We were at 181 gallons a day. Bill was $42. Our bill runs between $30 and $70 for high grass watering months.

181 gallons does not really seem like much.

There are 5 of us.
3 boys under 5 so lots of laundry.

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How many people in your household???

I'm a single guy with a 100lb dog (yes he drinks water and creates laundry). I use 70-100 gallons per day average and this includes NO lawn irrigation.

The lawn irrigation is reclaimed water on a separate meter and that is 20-30k gallons a month.
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I live in a house with 3 women. They probably need to use a larger unit of measure than the gallon for what they go through.
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Originally posted by Ryanp225:
I live in a house with 3 women. They probably need to use a larger unit of measure than the gallon for what they go through.

I did, at one time, have three. It was measured in "mo" mili-oceans....

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I hate to think how much I use. Luckily we are on a well. In the summer months we water about 12 hours daily plus the normal stuff.

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I use less than 200 cubic feet every quarter

my water bill here averages about $28 a month at the high end, $17 at the low end

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181g. is low. A dishwasher, side-loading washer, conserving shower heads, and modern 1.6 gpf toilets will keep usage low.

I still have a 3.5 gallon per flush toilet. A customer has a 7 gpf late 1950s Mansfield which would flush a three pound pork loin.
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No idea. Didn’t think to plumb in a meter for the house. I could check the meters on the wells and the orchard irrigation meter, but that would still include water use down in the valley for livestock and other purposes. With two teenagers showering daily and a tankless water heater, it is like a fair bit.
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Household use for wife and me is between 2,000 and 3,000 gallons / month.

Reclaimed water for lawn and other non-potable outdoor use, is on a separate system and is not metered.

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I just paid our Utility bill. We used 28 cu feet of H2O. A cubic foot of water is 748 gals. So 28 x 748 equals 233 gal per day. There are 4 of us living here. Our bill was $103 for 3 months.

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Looking at the graph on our last bill, between 60 and 90 gallons per day average over the 6 months we've been in this place. 75 a day seems like a good estimate.

There are two of us, it's a "green" house, and we don't water the yard (nor would we have had a need to at all this summer!).

Bill is roughly $44/month. We're pretty consistent, within two bucks each month, generally.


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Somewhere around 50 gal./day each, not incl. irrigation. Irrigation's a biggie. It's a good thing we're on a well, because I calculate roughly 10,000 to 15,000 gal./week for that.

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I have no idea how much we use in any given time period. We belong to an irrigation district that charges annually according to your number of square feet of property and for us that is 3 acres. In our case that equals $720 a year which is $60 a month regardless of what we use. Technically we could fill a swimming pool once a week with no extra charge. The district is talking about putting meters on the lines but that will cause a rebellion where guns may be involved. Big Grin



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Just the wife and I here...

Our septic field failed, and until I get a large holding tank (!$!), we have to have our septic tank pumped every month. It holds 600 gallons. I have stretched it to five weeks, but that's pushing the overflow point. That's black water, ie, cooking and toilets. That's reliable, measured data.

Grey water (bathing and laundry) has to be at least that, perhaps double that, so 1200 to 1800 gallons per month total water. That's not measured, it's just an estimate.

To put that in perspective, right now with the springs running, the sump pump is removing about 1000 gallons per *hour* from the basement; it's running 15 out of every 45 seconds.

I'm not too worried about the well going dry right now.

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10k gallons per month. Water cost is appx $50 plus $150 sewer charges.
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Last month I used 2190 gallons, or about 73 gallons a day. My bill is about $50/month. I live alone, have 6 indoor cats and 3 outdoor ones. I don't drink a lot of water, and my use for laundry and washing dishes is spotty. I don't use a lot of water for bathing.


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In the US, a family of four uses 5500 gallons a month, on average.

That works out to 183 gallons a day.

Your water bill is cheap at $42.

You figure out of your water bill is within reason, the litmus test is to take your average monthly charge ($42), and multiply it by 12 ($504), and divide it by the median household income for your zip code. That can be found here:

The results will tell you how expensive your muni water/ per is:
< 1% - Cheap
1%-1.25% is moderate
1.25%-1.5% is average
1.5%-1.75 is "high"
> 1.75% is expensive

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Originally posted by nhtagmember:
I use less than 200 cubic feet every quarter

my water bill here averages about $28 a month at the high end, $17 at the low end

200 CCF's or 200 CF's?

200 CCF's in a quarter is 1662 gallons a day, but 200 CF's is a mere 16 gallons a day, which is amazingly low for personal consumption.

20 CCF's a quarter is about 167 gallons a day, which is on par for residential consumption.

16 Gallons is the equivalent to:
10 low flow toilet flushes a day
A bath every 3 days
Brushing year teeth/ washing your hands for 2 minutes and leaving the water running 6 times a day
5 loads of laundry a week
A 7 minute and 20 second shower, daily.

We found out that in our house, we wait on average 3.5 minutes before our shower warms up, and with 3 of us, and a flow rate of 1.95 gpm and each of taking about 5 showers a week, we essentially send over 100 gallons of water down the drain before we get into the shower, every week.

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Two of us along with two dogs and a cat.

We go from a low of 1500 gal/mo (50 gal/day) to a high of 9000 gal/mo (295 gal/day). We had an unseasonably hot summer this year so a lot more yard watering than usual.

City charges a set meter fee ($28.90/month) for service and then $1.25 per 1000 gal up to 7K and $4.35/1000 gal 7k-20K

So the bill runs about $30-$60 a month for just water depending on time of year.

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wife and I average about the same as the OP... 180 -200 gallons a day... as for what it cost here in 'Gritville' SC the city not only charges you for the water they then charge you a sewer fee depending on how much water you used and on top of that a storm water run off fee (what ever that is/just a tax to pay for something) ..$75 a month the good news is our church is out in the county and only has to pay for water... somewhere in the buried 500ft run to the main building there is a leak... 700 gallons a day... we've spent 6 months trying to find it.
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