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Don't feel like getting a dealer ripoff. Any DIY ideas?


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retractable running board

do you need it? Can you live without it?

The car is 10 years old. things break and sometimes it's best to just not fix it given the expense / time.

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Can you tell if it starts to move and then retracts? if so then you can try a spray lubricant on the linkage to loosen it up.

If not, it can be the door switch, or perhaps the motor power connector.

Some good suggestions here:


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Try a junkyard.

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-Check power at the drive motor.
-If power at drive motor pull the motor and check motor operation.
-with motor removed manually move running board and check for binding.

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You didn’t happen to leave the passenger side for open for a long period of time did you?

It happened to my 08 expedition one time. Went into the option selector for the running boards, cycled it down then off. Then after one or two trips reset to auto drop. Got it to work and hasn’t been a problem since
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Im surprised you got 10 years out of it. I hear its common for those motors to burn out. I dont think they cost much to replace. And its not hard.
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Did you honk your horn three times when you got underway? Big Grin

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Get 2 motors, because as soon as you fix the passenger side, the driver side will go out. Wink
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Go figure. I've never even heard of retractable running boards until now.

Maybe I need to get out more.

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I haven't worked with these, but I imagine that after 10 years of the running board extending and retracting every time you get in or out and people stepping on it, the motor (or one on each end) has gone bad. Luxury gadgets are great until they break and need repair, then the cost puts people off and they don't get repaired.
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