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First off, I know I’m probably a good 50 lbs overweight from what I *should* be for my body type and height. I’m 6 feet even and pushing 240 and should be 185-195. I think beginning a weight loss program will alleviate a lot of this?

I like wine but don’t drink it a whole lot. Lately it seems like a little as half a glass or a single glass will give me TERRIBLE heartburn that lasts for a couple hours. What gives? Should I see a doctor about this? Beer does not cause it, could it be the acid in the wine? It does seem to happen more severely with white than red.

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Most wine gives me a headache and/or heartburn. It's the worst with really sweet whites, like Rieslings and Moscatos, which my wife loves.

Same with many liquors (especially Tequila).

I stick to beer, and the occasional small glass of red wine.
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Only when my wife drinks it! Big Grin

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Yes indeed. Certain things give me heartburn. Red wine and tomato based foods at dinner time are a pretty sure thing. Red wine has bothered me since I was 40 or so. A Prilosec before bed usually keeps me from suffering too much.

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Are you sure it's heartburn (which would really be stomach)? It could be early Alcoholic Liver Disease. The overweight thing almost certainly indicates a fatty liver, which would set the stage. Time for a doc visit and some blood workup.
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Here's something I learned.

I was coughing for a long while which my primary doctor diagnosed as allergy.

Symptom is if I'm eating or drinking, I wouldn't cough. If I start coughing, just drinking water or swallowing my own saliva didn't stop the cough. I needed Ricola or some logenze to stop the coughing.

Went to an ENT doctor who stuck a telescope through my nose and down my throat. Had some anesthesia so it wasn't bad.

Diagnosis was I have mild chronic acid reflux.

He said coffee, lettuce, alcohol will exacerbate the condition. So maybe you have some kind of acid reflux and the alcohol in the wine is making the symptom pronounced for you.

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Wine is acidic, with a fairly low pH, which in combination with alcohol isn’t going to help heartburn, that’s for sure.
I suffer at times similar to yourself, but usually all it takes is a tums to calm things down. Haven’t had to use more extreme heartburn medications for years now, which is nice.

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Yes. If I drink any kind of alcohol, or coffee, or eat greasy food within a few hours of bedtime I am kept awake with acid reflux.
Pro-tip on the weight....I’m pretty slender framed, the farther below 200 I keep my weight, the less stuff like that bothers me.
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Sailor1911, I must say I experience the same outcome! Eek LMBO!
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I suffered a lot years ago from what apparently was acid reflux. It was terrible. I would wake up ready to throw up, coughing uncontrollably, never threw up but my inards seemed on fire. I figured it was stress from doing Wilford Brimley’s nude scenes as a body double. I peaked at 270.

In retrospect, it must be tied to weight. The problem started as I gained weight, seemed to peak with weight, and has abated as I have lost weight. My then doctor had me take an antacid twice a day for some relief. I’ve now gone to one ranitadine 150 a day and may end that.

I’ve been losing weight steadily since the first of the year, at about 220, and have very little appetite. This morning, I was at 206.

Luckily, I have enough willpower to control the driving ambition that rages within me.

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Any type of alcoholic beverage gives me heartburn. I sure miss margaritas at the Mexican restaurant.

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Originally posted by LoungeChair:
Yes indeed. Certain things give me heartburn. Red wine and tomato based foods at dinner time are a pretty sure thing. Red wine has bothered me since I was 40 or so. A Prilosec before bed usually keeps me from suffering too much.

Red wine is acidic. Usually I don't have an issue with it. BUT, when you mix a meal that's acidic also like tomato sauce (Like Chicken Parm) AND red wine, I'll get heartburn once in a while.
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I'm not sure of the difference between heartburn and acid reflux but ...

A tailor I have not seen in 18 months was consulted Saturday. He remarked on my weight loss. I stopped eating after 5pm, I said. Plus nearly no junk food.

He said he was getting acid reflux and his doc said to eat more smaller meals, five or so, and do not eat after 6pm. His acid reflux went away.
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See your doctor.

Dealing with GERD for 25 years

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Yes, wine will do it. The worst bout of GERDs I had was after some friends of the family were in town and their favorite wine was red, so I bought a big box on their recommendation.
After their stay, quite a bit was left, so I continued to drink it over the next week.

I didn't make a connection but by the end I could not stomach any food, doctor recommended prylosec, and was on it for half a year before I finally dropped it to see if I could go w/o.

By then I had lost enough weight that I didn't need my BP pills.

Many wines also have sulfites and people who are sensitive seem to get headaches.
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Wine doesn’t give me heartburn. Nothing does – I have the proverbial cast iron stomach. Don’t know what to thank for that blessing. I do keep my weight under control, thanks to the discipline sternly imposed on me by my SECA 876 bathroom scale. The SECA cost me $360, but I consider that money well spent.

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Weight and diet are certainly factors. Genetics can also be, I'm within my BMI, however many in my family have acid reflux.

There's three food types I know of that will trigger a very uncomfortable evening: rich foods, acidic foods and lots of alcohol. I take a Prilosec or, it's generic brother Omeprazole (super cheap at Costco) this greatly helps calm things down. The danger is you can't take it more than 3-month straight at a time or, you'll damage your liver. So, moderate and balance your diet and of course see your physician.
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White wine gives me heartburn. Red wine I can drink a bottle and have no issues. Watermelon gives me heartburn too so maybe it's a sugar thing....I just avoid both.

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Weight can certainly be a factor, but isn't necessarily. I have had pretty severe reflux issues and so has my son ( I weigh 110, and the kid is pretty thin also). We didn't nail down any specific food triggers, but neither of us has had much trouble since drinking a little Apple Cider Vinegar daily for a couple of months.

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Originally posted by RogueJSK:
Most wine gives me a headache and/or heartburn.

Not heartburn, but certain red wines (Malbec) give me a headache. (I never drink white wine so can't speak to that.)

I don't recall if other reds have caused a headache, but it's happened so many times with Malbec that I won't drink it anymore.


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