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I thought it would be interesting to get some gasoline samples from stations/stores in my local area where I purchase gas and visually see how they differ and what that would represent according to the forum members.
Too see what might be the " best quality grade by looks only(tint,particles,water).
Tint 1-5 1 clear 5 yellow

BP/Mapco 1 Station
Exxon/Mobil 2 Station
Kroger 2 food store
Shell 3 Station
Speedway 4 Station

Does this reveal anything? Do not know supply source. What are your thoughts and comments?

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Usually the local stations get it from the same distributor with their own additive packages in them. My guess is your results have more to do with the in-ground tank condition and filtering conditions at the pump.
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Here is a good overview of different ASTM fuel tests. To be blunt, your test mimics none of them.

I haven't physically seen pure additive in 15 years, but there was a lot of variability in both color and cloudiness. For example, Chevron's was semen white and much cloudier than Mobil, Exxon, Shell, Texaco, Generic. Additionally, the additives have several times changed in the last 15 years. We do have a Sigforumite who works for a manufacturer of gasoline additives.

Color is meaningless after being additized. Color is only meaningful prior to additization for pipeline batch changes.

Filtering the fuels wouldn't be an industry standard test but would've told you more if cloudiness changed or there were particulates in the filter.

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