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He doesn't seem to have any cognitive issues or extremity limitations but his vision is blurry. It's bad enough that he couldn't see to eat his food off the hospital tray. I went to my parent's house to take care of their dog tonight and while I was there I sat in his reloading/hunting room for a minute. He absolutely loves to deer hunt and was looking forward to going this year. He also loves guns and has started reloading as a hobby over the last few years. Dad is also a bit of a pack rat so he has more ammo and reloading components than he'll ever shoot. It hit me that he may never be able to go hunting or shoot again.

I remember the first time I ever shot a gun it was with him. He was sighting in a Marlin 30-30 for deer season with my uncle and I was begging him to let me shoot it once. He finally let me but told me it was going to kick a lot. Well...I hit the little mound of dirt the target was sitting on and blew mud all over the target. He and my uncle laughed and I absolutely loved it. I loved rabbit hunting with him when I was younger and we would walk for hours from thicket to thicket kicking them up. A few years ago he gave me that Mossberg 500 I used when we went out.

When I struggled shooting the first DA shot with my 229 at the 25 yard line at the police academy he took me out and got me squared away on that. He bought both of my daughters their first rifle when they turned 1. He took my oldest out the first time she went shooting and was supposed to take my youngest out before the virus hit. I don't know if he'll be able to help coach their softball teams again or show them how to bait a hook.

All of my life he's been as strong as a horse and has worked his butt of to provide for our family. He loves to work, whether at his job or stripping wire to recycle or making ladder stands for hunting. Seeing him like this kills me.

I'm praying that his vision will return enough to where he can do some of that stuff. Right now they don't know if it will get better or not. It'll kill him if he's not able to do the things he loves anymore.

Thank you for letting me vent for a bit. If you are someone who prays then please say one for my parents. The most important thing he taught me was to love Jesus and I know his faith will get him through this but he's got a long road ahead.
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I had a stroke and they just don’t know what will stay or go with regards to issues long term. One of my doctors said to wait for a year to see if my brain adapted to my specific comprehension issues. The brain is an amazing organ and can re-wire itself. I play Whirly words to try and build my vocabulary back up, and am still stumped sometimes (a lot). Before you do anything foolish and sell his gear...give it some time.

Also, they didn’t tell me about how my emotions will be’s the time to learn up on strokes. My emotions were a shit show afterwards. I still find myself crying at movies or shows that never even batted an eye before.

I’m sorry about you dads health.

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Hey cooger, sorry to hear, but certainly follow Mike's advice & give it some time. I've known a few people that have recovered very well from strokes.
Sending prayers to you, your family, and especially your mom & dad!!

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Sorry to hear about your dad. That really sucks. Your family will be in our prayers.

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I'm sorry your dad had a stroke. I know it's hard to watch as abilities diminish. My dad has dementia. It's early still but he cannot say what he wants when he wants to. I watch him struggle and try to help. Sometimes I wish we could have been 25 simultaneously so I could know him better. I'm sure your dad will recover more than it appears now.

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Yea, strokes suck! I'm 13yrs post stroke from an aneurysm that popped. And as Mike says, some things will with some efforts on your dads part can be regained. Take it slow, be patient in his recovery, he's likely to need a bit more than usual sleep during recovery from brain fatigue.

And Lord, the emotional roller coaster like Mike also mentioned. My brain recovery still goes on today, many recover almost everything that was affected, others may vary.

I've already sent up a prayer for his recovery, may I ask his first name? It just a small touch that I like to add on to prayer, thank you and wish you well also.

Regards, Will G.
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Best wishes and prayers for your dad.

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I had a stroke in 2013 as a result of a diagnostic cardiac catheritization breaking particles loose, one which lodged in my brain stem area. Went through a lot of speech and reading comprehension rehab as well as physical rehab. My PCP was very helpful in explaining options, outcomes, and scenarios. He advised that 18 months was the timeframe where you would see the most improvement,but that varied depending upon patient particulars and rehab diligence. As previously noted the brain is magnificent in rewiring itself to work around damaged areas.
Do not give up, it takes time, and have your Dad follow rehab instructions to the letter. Often it takes time and switching providers to make a match that works for the patient! Be sure to remain involved with your Dad, doctors, rehab providers, to make sure he is getting the most benefit possible! You know him best, his personality, and even though the medical community knows technically about strokes, often they get lost on the fact that each patient is an individual! Group rehab sessions with others have a lot of patient benefits in addition to individual sessions. Best of luck!

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Prayers up Coog. I hope he fully recovers. May God Bless you all.

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Having had a father who suffered serious strokes, I have some idea what you and your dad are going through. I pray that he will recover enough to engage in his loved activities.


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My hope is that he recovers completely. Give it time, and perhaps consult with his eye doc to see if there is any way they can help, short term or not.
Hopefully his neurologist is also providing advice. Take care.


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Prayers sent Coog. I do know there are many therapies which can improve life after stroke tremendously.

Your dad sounds like a strong and determined man, I'd bet on him making a comeback.

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Neuroplasticity, the miraculous healing and re-organizing of the brain. Regaining his sight may not be out of the question, time will tell, in addition to the power of prayer!

Additionally, I've been a member of an online stroke support group now as long as I've been around here. If you do a search you may find one that fits, if you may ever want advice or helpful suggestions during recovery from folks that have lived with these various stroke conditions and deficits.

Regards, Will G.
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walkinghorse's advice is pretty much exactly what I would have suggested - but not as eloquently.

Don't be afraid to get second opinions if what you are hearing doesn't make sense with what you observed.

My Dad had a stroke years ago and despite repeated visits to the Mayo where his Dr was told about symptoms indicating continued deterioration of mental and physical abilities - it was only recently that the Dr admitted that there was a noticeable change.

I hope you get to go shooting with your Dad soon.
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Prayers for your dad’s recovery.

A blood pressure monitor is a good idea for anyone getting up in age. I asked my GP about them. Without the least hesitation she recommended the Omron 3 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor:

Mine is a slightly older model. With one check every day, its four AA cells are good for two months. She asked me to bring it in to the clinic to verify it against their professional monitor. It was good.

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I'm sorry to hear about your dad.

If he still has mobility and control of his arms and hands he can still shoot.

I encountered a legally blind man at an outdoor range who was laying prone with an instructor beside him firing off rounds. The instructor was telling him where his hits were and how to adjust.

I didn't know he was blind until after he was done shooting and we got to talking.

If shooting is important to him, he can still shoot with your help.

Prayers for your family.

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Give it some time Cooger as his condition could improve. Keeping you both in thought & prayers.


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3 yrs ago my 84 year old father in law had a stroke. Had a lot of double, blurry vision along with it. The doctor who initially treated him at the hospital had him set up for therapy to help strengthening the vision etc. Shortly after that, his neurologist told him, “ oh you can play around with the PT if you want to, but most of my patient’s vision clears up over time without it.”
His doctor was right, it returned very well. About a year after the stroke, he had eye surgery to correct his vision to 20/20. He basically has the vision of a teenager now. We still shoot from time to time, not big stuff, mostly 22s and pistols.
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As mentioned, the immediate aftermath is very often the worst of it and there’s every reason to believe his condition will improve. Don’t give up. Best of luck to you and the entire family.
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Strokes truly suck, and I'm sorry your dad had one.

I've watched my friend/neighbor across the street recover from his stroke, and he's come a long, long way. Here's hoping the same goes for your dad.
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