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The Persian
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Originally posted by lbj:
Originally posted by AKSuperDually:
It's big deal to them that they have the knowledge that you fought to be with them. I've helped a few families in loss. Knowing that the loved one tried everything they had power over to be with them as long as possible really made a big difference in the grief process for them.

I hadn't precisely looked at it that way. I think it rings true.

Cancer Camp... I have a good mind to wear short pants and a beanie. Maybe even step off a short bus as we arrive.

It's not much, it's basically a handout to read and a private session with a nurse to explain what will be happening, both the treatment and potential side effects.
In a nutshell, Cancer Camp is patient education.
However, it does seem like they are tailored for the lowest common denominator.

Interesting how different systems do things different ways.

Texas Oncology had you meet with the oncologist(s) who was treating you who then went over that with you. In fact it wasn't just when the treatment changed, but it happened before every round to ensure that you are tolerating it well.

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Glad you got your "buds" back for a bit and had some good eats. Sometimes it's the little things... Hugs and prayers coming your way.

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Originally posted by Censored:
When my son turned 5 I put together a gmail account using his name. In the beginning I sent a ton of emails to the account, now I send during significant events, when I had to make a decision he did not like, when he got a car, fun stuff, etc. The password to the account is in my will. Consider doing the same with your daughters. I promise it will move them not only when you pass, but for a life time.

The concept is something I have thought about as well if I were to become terminally ill or come down with a debilitating disease like Alzheimer's. I got the idea years ago reading Isaac Asimov's The Foundation trilogy. Basically, the main protagonist had videos made that could be played whenever key events occurred as a way of providing advice, congratulations, etc. I always thought a video to your children, individually and collectively along with my wife for certain events like college high school and college graduation, weddings, births, deaths of other family members, divorce, etc. may provide some help or comfort. I am not ill just passing on an idea that with today's technoloy is not so much Sci/fi anymore. Best to you and your family LBJ.


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LBJ, I hope and pray the miracles reported by oldboys50 with his treatment also happen to you. I do not claim to understand the details of both of your circumstances, but I hope the drug he was using, and which you said you just switched to, works wonders for you.

May the tender mercies of the Lord flow freely to you and your family, as the Lord said in Luke, "...pressed down, and shaken together, and running over..."
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Prayers for you

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Originally posted by lbj:
Absolutely positively raw white onions.

Try some vidalia onions!

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LBJ, I am very sorry to hear the news.

I wasn't paying close enough attention to the title and missed the update.

You and your family are in my thoughts.

I must also add after reading the ensuing pages that your perspective and will to carry on is inspiring. I am reminded of a quote I once heard that was uttered by a passenger on a plane that was in very serious jeopardy. When he was asked how he could stay so calm, the old war survivor was reported to have said, "My dear, sometimes the only thing you have left is style."

Keep living with style.

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Glad to hear the new infusion med is less harsh on the taste buds. Wink

I too saw the other thread and hoping you have the same outstanding results as Oldboys50 is having! Big Grin

Prayers are ongoing and positive thoughts are in place for you and Oldboys50.

Most Sincerely,

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Prayers and thoughts sent to you again. Life is certainly a journey, they just don't always issue the map.

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This looks very promising, lbj.

Immunotherapy news report video.
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Originally posted by lbj:
It's been a week that I am off all meds until the new one starts Friday.
The good news is that today, the flavor is back.
I just got done grilling and eating a rather fat 80/20 medium rare hamburger with onions and a bun.
Nice Memorial Day surprise.

I'm stuffed and it feels mighty fine. Big Grin

Got my Hedley holster.

Well sir, that's some fine news! Prayers for the new meds to be effective.


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Your courage and perception have truly been an inspiration to me.

My prayers are with you every single day.

.....never marry a woman who is mean to your waitress.
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Though I do not post as much (for lack of wisdom and words)I always remain faithful in prayer, for the many. May God bless you always lbj.

Regards, Will G.
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Glad you enjoyed that Burger
Prayers sent as always.


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Originally posted by parabellum:
If I can face my end with even half the calm courage you've exhibited, Tom, then I will have done well.

Absolutely. You are in our prayers LBJ, and family.

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I am not sure where you are being seen, but ask your doc about getting a compassionate use on one of the new "T-cell" therapies. A company called Juno in Seattle is working on several.
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Just checking in with you LBJ, how you doing? I hope things are going well and wanted let you know we're still thinking and praying for you.
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Admin/Odd Duck

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I will ask about the T-Cell thing at my next visit.

Things are going OK suppose.
I get my next infusion of the Opdivo this Friday.

I have had one infusion of Opdivo already, and I can say that the side effects from the Opdivo at this point, are much milder than those from the Votrient.

My taste is still better than it was except for garlic. I love garlic, or I used to. Anything I put garlic on tastes bad.

There is a good chance that a buyer has been found for the Colorado Crush. It's not a done deal yet though. I hope it flies so that indoor professional football can continue here in Northern Colorado.
Time will tell on this.
Either way, I am retiring in a couple of months and actually am looking forward to that.

Saturday is the last home game day of the season and the last of my career. It's a little bitter sweet but a good thing, as my health will just not allow me to continue.

I also found out today that my colleagues voted recently to honor me. I cannot disclose what that is right now, but it is actually a great honor.

I used to be not very good at accepting gifts, awards and things,
One thing I have learned recently is that I need to do a better job of accepting things people either wish me to have or give me.

I decided early this year that as I notified family and friends of my imminent demise at some point in the future, was that I was going to make sure that all my friends and family can grieve in their own way without judgement or interference from me if I disagreed with their approach.
I have lived up to the above ever since.

There are always things in life to be learned, and that means that when someone wants to honor me in their own way, and even though I am uncomfortable accepting compliments, awards and gifts, I am finally allowing such.

I had never given much thought before that when people want to do something nice for me, it's doesn't mean it has to be about me, it can be about them, and me accepting their gift makes them feel good.

I think most here know by now that in life, I generally try to make sure it isn't always about me, it's just how I am built.
That's why honors and gifts and things has always bothered me, because I thought it made me feel that everything was about me. That's just not who I am.
There is just something in me that tells me I am undeserving, or even if I was deserving, I was already self satisfied and being honored just did not seem necessary. It's hard to explain.
The problem was, I hurt many people in my past with my behavior, I should have realized it was about them as much as me, and I should have been gracious and accepting of them and their intentions.

Now I know better.

New and improved super concentrated me:
Proud rebel, heretic, and Pentecostal.

There is iron in my words of death for all to see.
So there is iron in my words of life.

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Now and Zen
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Thanks for the update, I was just thinking that nothing from you had been posted lately.

We'll grieve in our own ways, and you have no control over it. We really need a thumbing our nose smiley around here.

You're no different than most of us, it is easier to give than receive, I'm a little better at it than I once was, but I'm still a work in progress.

"....imitate the action of the Tiger."
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LBJ - I haven't been on a whole lot the past few months, but that's no excuse for not having noticed this thread. My apologies for missing it until today.

My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. If there is anything that I can do to help you, please do let me know.

I will keep you in my prayers.

Every time you make a typo, the errorists win.
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