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Or would you even pay msrp? IN normal times you can expect to pay a couple hundred under msrp at most places. But these aren’t normal times nor do we know how soon we will see prices and availability return to what could be considered normal.

I just picked up a CZ Scorpion carbine for close to msrp. I feel a little buyers remorse as I hate paying msrp for anything. But it was exactly what I had been looking for. FDE and a muzzle brake instead of the faux suppressor. I hate paying for anything that starts with faux. Smile

But I considered myself lucky for even finding it and I couldn’t fight the urge this time. Good thing I resisted that HK VP9 the other night. Eek

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$0 over. I have no interest in paying a panic penalty.

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Zero. There's nothing I need or want so badly that I would overpay for it. I've still bought plenty of guns this year (at least 20 so far) but I am into collectibles, primarily milsurp, and those haven't been much affected by panic buying in my area.
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0. This is why you buy when things are all good in the world. If you wait to buy until you absolutely need it, you will pay the extra cost. Save your $$ till all this is over and when the prices drop and supply comes back, then stock up.

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Zip. Let others profit from the panic. I wont pay for it.

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If I needed one I would pay whatever it took to get one.
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Right now there isn't anything I really want or need.

In the first AW ban panic (The Clinton Panic) I paid roughly double what I should have for an AR variant.

I (mostly) learned from that and have tried to stay way ahead of any "needs" in the preparedness department.

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No. Won't do it.

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I say I would not pay one cent over regular price for any gun.

But there are a few, very few, on my grail list, like a Model 1894 Swedish Carbine. I never had the $39.95 to buy one as a kid and couldn't make myself pay the 7-900 they were going for 30 years ago. So I might pay over Blue Book value for one, but I've not seen one in years and doubt I'll see another. A guy has one and has been considering whether to sell it to me for about 20 years now. Fat Chance.

But a regular gun? A Smith, a Sig or a Colt. New and on the LGS' shelf? At, say $800 when the MSRP is $600? Not a chance. If I wait it'll be for sale at less later or I'll get a chance to buy one used.

Plus it galls me to have some dealer take advantage of the shortage to raise prices (remember Cheaper Than Dirt?).

So, no thanks!

Uhhhh, BTW, I don't recall ever paying MSRP for any new gun and I've been buying new guns since 1968.


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Unless I was gunless and needed it for self defense the answer is $0.

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You and me both re: the Scorpion. Paid over MSRP. I keep saying it, but I picked SUCH a god-awful time to finally get the bug to sell/buy some "new" firearms.

I've been looking at a lot of stuff that's ~10% over most dealers lowest prices, but even that is under MSRP. So starting at a base price of 499 for a new 320, I've been looking at 320s up to $550 even used. The thing really kicking my ass right now is finding a P320 subcompact for a reasonable price that's not a scam. 2 scammers ghosted me yesterday after I asked for "proof of life" on their 320s.

Outside of the scorpion, I won't come anywhere close to MSRP... and now that I've looked, I actually paid 27$ under MSRP so that makes me feel better Smile

So to answer the question, ~10% over minimum price which is basically never anywhere near MSRP.
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never bought into a panic even pre internet (for me)

I did buy a pile of primers (at regular price) during the clintoon stupidity,

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Originally posted by rsbolo:
Right now there isn't anything I really want or need.

There's a couple of guns I want but don't need. I'll pay exactly $0 over MSRP right now.
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I don't need anything and won't pay panic prices. I was feeling bad this weekend for having plenty of ammo and primers when so many people are scrambling but I got over it.
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Commiefornia is in a perpetual state of weapons shortage, especially with regards to handguns that don't appear on CA's roster of "safe" weapons approved for sale. With regards to those weapons not appearing in the roster, you can only find them second-hand and at significant markup.

Long guns can be had during normal times at MSRP, but selection and stock was always limited. If you saw something you liked, you were advised to buy it right away before a law change made said firearm illegal to own.

That said, I would not buy *anything* right now, as inventory and selection is basically nil.
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If you got what you wanted and in these times....needed, don't worry about it. Keep looking ahead.

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How far over msrp would you pay for any weapon right now?

Only the unprepared would pay panic pricing for any weapons.
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For new guns, if I didn’t already have one then the scorpion might be the only one I’d be willing to pay more than normal retail for. I really wanted that gun and at this point prices aren’t coming down before the election and if the unthinkable happens then they might never come down. So for that one gun I might overpay. Thankfully I bought one last year at normal prices.

For used guns I’ll pay more that it may be worth if I really want it and it’s rare. I just bought a 9mm Ruger Speed Six and paid probably $100 too much for it. But they don’t come up much and the guy selling it on GB had a good history and his selling and buying history was one that was consistent with a guy selling that gun. I’ve seen them for sale before and the seller has bought one Taurus and sold one Hi-point or something like that.

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Need > want: Would pay a bit more
Want > need: Would not pay over MSRP/MAP.

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As others have indicated....Zip, ZERO, Nada! Wink


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