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We all enjoy that Saturday ride or 2 hour get-a-way ride after work but what about longer rides for the upcoming season? Anything planned? If so share it if so inclined so others might enjoy and even get ideas. It doesn't have to be an epic ride to Alaska or South America, maybe that four day ride to aunt Emma's on the back roads you've always avoided taking when in the car. Or the ride to some destination that's been on your "want to see" list. Maybe the planned visit to a relative three states away, or a three day ride around your own state. Be it with someone else or alone, posh hotels or camping, what are your preferred ways of traveling on your motorcycle?

At this point I have a ride to Big Bend St Park in Texas planned for mid/late April. This will be with another person, a long time riding buddy. My preference is to primarily camp but staying at a motel with laundry maybe every 3-4 days. My riding buddy leans toward motel-ing it the whole way so this is still up in the air. Not camping at all means less to carry and we can generally get an earlier start in the mornings. But I'm more than willing to allow an extra hour each day to be able to sit around a fire at night and camp under the stars, not to mention save money! LOL this is one of many compromises one makes when traveling with another rider(s). Others being how fast to ride and when/where to stop.
We’ll probably ride the Natchez Trace from Nashville to Natchez MS then west to Texas, catch Hill Country on the way to Big Bend, and maybe through southern Missouri or linger in NW Arkansas for a couple days on the return, both of which I ridden before. Suggestions welcome.

Memorial Day weekend is the Cass Rally in Boyer WV, just north of Greenbank and Cass. It’s hosted by Mountaineer BMW Riders but all brands are welcome, in fact probably almost 1/2 are other brands so everyone is welcome! The area has wonderful roads to ride both paved and dirt/gravel. The motel is “iffy” but the campground is nice. It runs Friday through Memorial day Monday.

I typically do two, 4-5 day rides around western VA/NC each Summer on and around the Blue Ridge Parkway basing from one or two motorcycle only campgrounds such as Willville , Blue Ridge Motorcycle or any number of others in the region. Even in the heat of Summer it’s comfortable on the BRP.

For September I’m planning on a week long ride around WV just exploring places off the beaten path that I’ve not been to such as the Dingess Tunnel in Mingo county. .


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I'm planning on several 2 or 3 day rides in Utah and perhaps getting into some neighboring states.

The main one I want to accomplish is a bit nerdy, which is to finish the Pony Express trail in Utah. The west desert section is about 200 miles of dirt road, no gas stations or other services. Lots of history as it was also the Overland Stage Coach route and a wagon train route. The Donner Party pioneered some of the PE trail in Utah. I've done the easy parts which can be done as day trips from home, now I need to find my camping gear and some dry weather.

There are many outstanding rural back roads with great views in the southern half of the state. I may hit a National Park along the way but my goal is to get away from the tourist spots.

There's an off road trip to the north rim of the Grand Canyon vaguely scheduled for late spring with some other folks on which I hope to make.

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Right now I am just looking to get into riding motorcycles. It's been a while since I have been on a bike but if I do end up back on one, most of my trips would include US 211 and Skyline Drive here in VA. Here's to hoping I can join the club sometime and maybe plan a trip later.

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I would love to do the Canadian shoreline of Lake Superior on my KLR 650. I'm not sure whether that'll be in the cards for this year or not. I'd be bringing some photography gear along.

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Will do a lot of local riding, up to some shows around the state, may take a trip up to the mountains if things work out, still will get about 10K on the bike this year...

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Yeah, I think rburg is planning one!

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Yup we sure are planning some trips.
Most are weekend 1-day 300 mile loops around the mountains in NJ/NY/PA, some beautiful mountainous roads and scenery.

A few multi night trips are being planned:
Shenandoah Valley & Skyline Drive.
Lake George & Laconia NH for Americade and Bike Week.
Lake George, then head west through the Catskills for 2 days, then continue to Syracuse and the Dinosaur BBQ. Then 2 more days in the Adirondacks.
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Two trips I have long wanted to take are circumnavigating the Great Lakes (done it in a vehicle but would love to do it on my Heritage), and cruising Route 66. Although, I wouldn't do the entire length of Route 66 as I'd hate to try to get out of Chicago or into LA on a bike. I'm thinking Joliet to Flagstaff. One day I'll do it. As I say every year, "maybe next year".

I am hoping to get out to NY this fall and do some riding through my old stomping grounds and up through the Adirondacks. Beautiful place in the fall.


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Quit the bike after 5 broken bones... Eek
So car (Miata) for us now, but you gotta think BIG!

It's on my bucket list to do the entire perimeter of the lower 48! (Not all at once LOL!)
Have done from Washington DC down around Florida to New Orleans, and Mi to Vt. on the north side.

Longest road trip we've done was 6000 miles, 16 days, 12 states.
We might beat that after my wife retires. Big Grin

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Trip from Memphis to Arlington Texas in april for training class for work.

Iron Butt bun burner 1500 miles in 24 hours to the Gulf Coast for seafood and back home.

One week in early summer or Fall going to hit every state park in Tennessee

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Wife and I are doing a week-long trip from Iowa to the UP...followed by our annual couple's trip around some of our favorite MN/WI roads/eateries/pubs/cheese curds...

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Flying into Mesa in a few weeks - hitting Lake Havasu, St George, UT, Page, AZ, south rim of GC, Sedona, and back to Mesa.

1100 mile loop - can't wait
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Chicago to Epping NH, take a class and back.
Then a week in Southern IN and KY.

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I'm going north to Rushmore and those parts with a few friends.
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Me, my brother, and my dad are doing a trip for pops 70th bday. Starting out in St. Louis. From there it goes to Granby, CO up through Grand Teton Park, through Glacier Park into Banff National Park in Canada and then into Calgary. From there we are dropping back into Sturgis for a couple days and then back towards home. Should be around 4k miles or so when done.
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It's nice to see all your rides and I've bookmarked a few myself.

The 200 mile dirt section of the pony express trail in Utah sounds fun. Of course most of Utah is fun on a motorcycle and scenic.

Mutedblade I hope you do get back into motorcycling. You're fortunate to live in a nice state for riding. In fact western VA has some of the best riding in the country. I love riding VA's little county 600 roads, and the already mentioned BRP.

Sandman do post pics when you do your Superior ride. I've done the perimeter of Superior but over two separate rides. In all honesty I preferred the US coast (UP, WI, and MN) but it's all nice and what a lake!

GCE if you're going as far as Skyline (and you've not ridden the BRP) be sure to ride the Parkway as well. You have nice riding there in Up State too.

Cparktd sorry to learn of your broken bones, MC wreck? If/when I quit riding I think a Miata is in order as the next most fun vehicle! Having heat, ac, and a roof is a big advantage sometimes!

So nice to see so many here with Summer rides planned. RBDub what a wonderful ride you and your brother have planned with your dad for his 70th!

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Finger Lakes
Skyline/Blue Ridge

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blame canada
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Thinking about doing the Anchorage to Dawson Adventure bike rally this year.

Thought about getting up to prudhoe bay, but the road has had a lot of bad events this year (washouts and avalanches), so I think I'll give them a year or so to fix it. Construction on the haul road isn't a fun time to be on a motorcycle.

I recently applied for an open position working with inmates at our local prison, if I get the job....I probably won't be doing much more than the daily work commute. I'll be lucky to work one trip in. If not, I hope work is busy enough to fund the rides, but not so busy that I can't get out of the office for a few days at a time.

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For those you planning trips to the UP this summer, let me know if you any assistance.

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Upper Peninsula: 4 Miles
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I'd like to do the entire Blue Ridge Parkway/Skyline Drive ride this year, preferably early summer. Probably ride south to north. If anyone else is interested, I'd love to have some company.

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