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My wife says we are getting a new fake Christmas tree. Real is not an option.

Are there nice online stores for this? I’d rather not have to visit every store in 3 counties comparing.

Our last came from Costco. It was really nice for a fake tree but it is really heavy. I store it in the garage attic. It’s starting to smell like old plastic.
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Not sure about their prices.

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and they are all freakin' fact, mine gets heavier every year!

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Thank you
Very little
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Costco, yeah I know you have one, Big Grin


Hmm they have a Tree Duffel, might have to order one of these..

If you feel like stepping up the tree game

Frontgate Tree Link

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Originally posted by rsbolo:

Not sure about their prices.

I second this. My wife is a Christmas Tree snob. Every year we would spend anywhere from a half to an entire day driving from lot to lot, opening trees for her inspection. Once we got it home, she would spend a few days decorating it. And by Christmas it was always droopy and it made her sad. But she was never willing to go artificial.

Then her friend got a Balsam Hill. And she saw it, and loved it. So last year my wife got a Balsam Hill, and she could not be more happy.

Now, I will warn you, that tree cost what a nice Sig P226 would cost. But I figure with what we were spending on live trees, plus the hassle, as long as this thing last me 3-4 years, I will end up coming out ahead.
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We were looking to replace our worn out tree after Christmas last year. We stopped by Hobby Lobby the week before and they had a close out on their trees. We got a magnificent floor model 7' tree last year at 1/3 price. Really looking forward to putting the tree up early this year.

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Yes, you can get a fantastic tree online. Looks, convenience, quality.....but you will spend about 50% of the cost of your house.

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This happens to be in my wheelhouse. I am an importer for Christmas decorations to the North American and Central American markets. I would suggest you check out Bronner's Christmas Wonderland. It is in your area, so shipping cost should be relativly reasonable. They are good people and the business is based on good wholesome values. They have everything that you could wish for to decorate for Christmas.

Eta: they are in Frankenmuth, MI. If they don't have what you want, feel free to email me at my profile email and can point you in some other directions.

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You could try these. They make the house smell like a real tree is there.
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My wife bought a Balsam Hill tree a few years ago & it's about as nice as they get. They're not inexpensive, but it's well made & I expect it to last a long time.


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We purchased a Balsam Hill tree and wreath several years ago, we've been very happy. Well built and as life like as possible.
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We purchased a Barcana when we lived in the Dallas area in 1992, and it has served us well ever since. Very realistic and expensive even back then.

Great service, too, as in 2005 or so I managed to break the stand, called them up wanting to order a new one. They asked me the model # and said we'll send it out today. Stand arrived 2 days charge! Wow, I was impressed.
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Mrs. M-11 decided last year it was time to stop cutting our own. So, the day after T-Day we started looking. She found one she thought was perfect at Michael's and it was 40% off! Surprised the hell out of me; I was looking for a long haul search of disappointments. After Christmas we went back and got another to keep as a spare at 60% off.

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Hey, you said "nice". Bring a checkbook.

In all seriousness, we've gotten some wreaths, lighted garland, etc. from them and it's all held up really well and is nice quality, looks great. I'd never priced their trees before, but I am sure they too are nice. They occasionally run good sales, but probably not this time of year on those!

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I’ve actually been looking at the Balsam Hill trees. They aren’t cheap, but hell...the real ones get more expensive every year. Last years 6’ tree that was tagged 6 1/2’ to 7’ because of that little thingy sticking up at the tip was nearly $185. Two to three years of those and you’ve bought a Balsam Hill tree.

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