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For $200 you could get him a membership at a nearby range where he could go shoot a 10-22 whenever he wants!!

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A few years back my daughter gave me a full body massage for my birthday. I still think about how great that was.

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Originally posted by cparktd:

On a budget of $200 it would be pretty hard to beat you taking him out to his favorite restaurant, just you and him, and telling him what you just told us about what he means to you.

That sounds good to me. Especially for a man who just buys his own stuff. He could be like me. I like to get what I particularly like. I like either something that's simple where it's the thought that counts or something that particularly fits what I want. Anything half-ass and I wish they didn't bother as it's like they checked the box.

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Skip the material stuff. I'm 66 and just completed my last move ever yesterday. Will be unpacking boxes this time next year probably and that's after multiple Goodwill trips. First world problem if there ever was one. Wink

I like the idea of a fishing trip. Hire a good guide and go make some memories.


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It would be a stretch to your budget, but you have some time to save..... How about a custom fixed blade knife? I have seen some really nice examples fore around $400.
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Originally posted by old rugged cross:
No help on the gift.

But dam cparktd, either you are a terrible, mean sob. Or your family needs a good kick in rear end. Everyone of them. That is disturbing to say the least. And please tell them to read this thread. That piss' me off the read that! It really does. Wth?

Ha! got a good laugh out of that, thanks!
Yea terrible... bought 1 of them a old house, sold another a house at 50% value and remodeled it on my dime. Bought one a good used truck and one got my old car when I bought another, and that's just in the last 5 years... Sometimes I think my house says BANK on the front!
I try real hard not to play favorites, and we baby sit the little ones when not in school.
But they know I'm too damn picky to buy me much of anything and I don't need anything. I'm not a real outgoing person and they have their hands full with their own lives and making ends meet.

But yea, at least bring me some f'ing cake and Ice cream.

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I was thinking a 35 yo with big knockers... Big Grin
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Plan something the two of you can do together. Go fishing, go to a game, the range, mow his lawn for a month....

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Fishing and/or camping trip. Memories. Us old guys got all the material stuff we really want (short of exotic cars and 35 yo's with big knockers).

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x2: Something that involves quality time. You can get a lot of bang for your buck also. Maybe a short road-trip or weekend thing like a woodsman festival.
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