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I may be a bad person, but at least I use my turn signal.
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I'm from the government and I'm here to help you........

Hillary is Evil


Thank Heavens She Got Trumped

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"Thus those skilled in war subdue the enemy's army without battle .... They conquer by strategy."
- Sun Tsu - The Art of War

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Fire begets Fire
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If I did 1/33,000th of what she did on SIPRNet, also Bleach-bit a private server with .gov materials (the people’s info) and physically destroy all phones/hw with a hammer ... I be in Leavenworth forever, never to see daylight ever again. Put the bitch in an orange jumpsuit and frogmarch her already.

The cover up of multiple rapes, deep state spying On political opponents, the Fusion GPS “dossier”, the Clinton Foundation, the Uranium One deal, letting secrets get out to Huma Weiner, whose laptop had duplicate copies of all this shit ... all of it. The time is up. Lock up the damn wicked self serving lying bitch of a crook.

"Pacifism is a shifty doctrine under which a man accepts the benefits of the social group without being willing to pay - and claims a halo for his dishonesty."
~Robert A. Heinlein
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