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I am a member of a local private range and as such it is often that I can be the only person on the range. Other times there are a couple of us.
I am interested in a steel target recommendation that I can transport fairly easily, use in front of a pistol range berm. I would need to transport it about 20 yard maybe from my truck to the berm.

I am interested in shooting pistols at this range and maybe take it back to 50 / 100 / 200 yds other times for rifle shooting.

At the recent Dallas NRA show I saw three vendors who make reactive targets. They all seemed of high quality.

I love the idea of a plate rack but worry that a round could leave the range which is a no NO! I did see an underfolding plate rack, but I would need a way to cart it the 20ish yrds and then assemble/disassemble it quickly between cease fires.

Anyone else here have a recommendation for some steel targets that would be fun to shoot, develop skilz, be portable?

A rimfire compatible or separate target recommendation would be my next or separate request.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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I've got some different products from these folks and have been pleased. They make some portable things that look good; however, the stuff I have purchased I use stationary out at the farm. It has held up well for me and they run sales often.
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At my range all we use is MGM targets. They have some models that might fit your needs,

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GT Targets are good-to-go.

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I used black pipe and plates & chain mounting kits.

Easy to unscrew the two rear support pipes for transport.
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I second GT Targets.
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I have three of their 3/4 targets and have many thousands of pistol and rifle rounds on them over the years without any issues.

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I'll add Challenge Targets to the list of consideration.
Also on amazon.
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I have Arntzen, MGM and Temco targets and have used lots of GT stuff. (I also have several makers which I've long forgotten and several sources of rimfire stuff)

IMO.. buy from whomever is closer to you if it saves you shipping.

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Get a couple 8 inch discs and a couple 5 inch discs. 3/8 thickness AR 500. Hang them from shepherds hooks from the lawn and garden store.
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