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Originally posted by ZSMICHAEL:
Am I correct in assuming that a law firm retained your services to testify as an expert witness and then refused to pay the bill? Please clarify. Thanks

You are correct. When I first billed them, they offered to pay me 25 cents on the dollar. I declined and got a lawyer to write a demand letter. We received an offer to pay my invoice in full but only from the proceeds they would get from the court in this particular case. There were no proceeds that were due to them and they had already withdrawn so it's a way of saying "Sign off all claims to this debt and in return we'll give you 100% of what you're owed but only using money we know we'll never get." Now they're trying a different smokescreen with this billing of the wrong entity. That's why it's worth arguing this in Justice court. For thousands of dollars and god knows how many billable hours I can have lawyers prove assets transferred from the old entity to the current, new entity in which case liabilities by law must transfer as well. I've discussed it with legal council and they're confident that I have the proof and the ability to present this before a judge in the hopes he'll use some common sense and put an end to this. If not, I can always appeal and open my checkbook.


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I have had this happen. Early in my career, it happened more than once. My business practice now requires an upfront retainer of several thousand dollars and will then subtract my hourly rate. Phone calls, letter writing is all billable time. When the money runs out, no further work is performed, until another deposit is made. I am now more selective in the work that I agree to do.

At this point, you should make some calculations as to whether this is worth spending more money and time, to get the firm to do the right thing.
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Originally posted by Dead_Eye:
I appreciate the get a lawyer advice guys but that's not what I'm asking here. Justice court is a forum that is friendly to those who aren't well versed in the law and win lose or draw the justice court decision is going to be appealed by myself or the defendants at which time I will hire legal council. What I need to do is get a court date and show up to present my claim because no matter how much they argue, they hired me as an expert witness and the travel expenses, court appearances, etc. are indisputable. I've hired lawyers to review my case, write demand letters and negotiate settlements to which the defendants replied with unacceptable offers... but along with other documentation I have the lawyers I spoke with all agree that I have a solid case and should start with Justice Court before they get involved. One lawyer I spoke with thought it would be to my advantage because the judge may frown upon an officer of the law with such questionable morals and ethics to try and weasel out of paying an expert witness for services rendered. Regardless, I've discussed this enough with lawyers and rather than wait until tomorrow or the next day before I can get an answer, I'd rather know now and if need be, start drafting a reply while I'm free the rest of today.

Then why are you asking us what you just asked us???? Wouldn't you just ask one of your lawyer friends that are well versed on the situation???????
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