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How old were you on you first unsupervised Road Trip and where did you go? Login/Join 
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Champaign, Il to Daytona Beach with a friend and two ugly sour girls who tagged along helping with gas money, 18 yrs. old. Dumped the ladies upon arrival, slept on the beach, broke down in Murfreesboro, Tenn on the way back. Seventeen hour layover, had the best meal of my life at a greasy spoon there, grilled cheese sandwich and chili. I was real hungry.

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17 or 18 years old, and drove our Camaro to Indianapolis Raceway Park to drag race the car all weekend, then drove back to WV.
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year after high school,

long drive (not really Big Grin) from RVA up to Columbia Md to see a concert (Elvis Costello)

did the same the next year,

and then again with 3 others, overnight at a friends girlfriends condo

(Talking Heads one night, Costello the next)
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At 16 I would drive from Clevelaand to Seven Springs ski resort in PA or Holiday Valley ski resort in NY quite often.

At 19 I drove from Cleveland to Ensenada, Mexico and back, stopping to stay with friends in Arizona and California. It was absolutely epic. Drove a 1991 Chevy G20 Mark IV conversion van. We took the Southern route out and the Northern route back. I think when it was all over with we put around 6,000 miles on the van in 3 weeks. It was 1999 for reference.
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I was 18. I had come home over Christmas leave from NAS Millington, TN. I flew home to Fresno, CA and returned in my 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Drove from Fresno to Los Angeles and picked up another Marine on leave and we drove back to Millington together.

I think we made the drive in about 36 hours between the two of us. Eight months later I made the drive back to Fresno by myself on leave again, and checked into MCAS Tustin, CA after that.


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1978, I was still 17 and had just graduated from High School in Hawaii and was headed to the USCGA in New London CT. Father was being transferred from HI to DC later that summer. He shipped his 4 or 5 year old Buick LeSabre to Settle. I flew to Seattle, was picked up by my Aunt, spent the night and then started out for San Diego. 2 days on the road, got stopped twice for speeding, thought I was going to jail as the officer told me I needed to see a judge since I was a minor, was driving a repainted car with CT plates and I had a HI drivers license. Not sure what happened but he eventually let me go and I realized that I needed to tone it down a bit if I was ever going to make it to the East Coast.

Made it to San Diego, spent a night with another Aunt, and headed off to Mobile AL where we had lived prior to HI and had friends to see. Planned 4 days but did it in 3 because I was in a hurry. Had a Shell gas card and a VISA card, would stop at a hotel and get dinner and hit the pool each night. It was really hot and the A/C died somewhere in Arizona.

Got to Mobile, spent a few nights with a family friend, and then headed up to DC where an older cousin met me to take the car and put me on a flight to New London. Another Aunt who lived in Mystic, CT picked me up at the airport and dropped me off at the Academy the next morning.

It was an epic trip, still can't believe my Dad let me do it. Can't believe my Mom let him let me do it. I can't tell you how much it meant to me to have my folks put that kind of faith in me at such an early age. Second best thing my Dad ever did for me. The first was convincing me to apply to the Academy. No telling where I would be now if I hadn't listened to him.
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Had a cabin in Utica Pennsylvania. Drove up there many a weekend once I turned 16. Had a 77 Buick Riviera, loved that car. Pittsburgh to Utica seemed a lot farther then.
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I was seventeen and took a Greyhound bus to San Diego for Navy boot-camp. My first long trip in a car I owned was from San Francisco to San Diego when I was eighteen.

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18ish? but it was from Baltimore to Boston one parent to the other. first trip otherwise was with my eventually to be, and now ex wife, we drove to Chicago when we were 22.
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It was spring break 97 and I had just turned 18. Me and two buddies, who were 17, drove from Oklahoma City to Fort Lauderdale to stay with our friend that moved to Florida several years earlier. We had a blast.


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18, Steamboat Springs to snowboard. A lot of cheap beer was consumed. A few hot tubs, and a few ladies. Them were the days.

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Originally posted by LimaCharlie:
I was seventeen \ for Navy boot-camp.

Yeah shipping out to Boot Camp.


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Early to mid teens. Friends of my parents let me borrow a house with a large olympic size pool surrounded by cattle land. Nearby a small river connected to a midsized lake (laguna) at the 124km marker.

Closest town, 6km away.

We had no wheels. Had to kitch rides most of the time.

Good times.

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Summer of 1965 after graduation. My cousin and I went from Ohio/Indiana to a family cabin near Blind River Ont. Fishing and water skiing on Bright Lake. Good time.
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Not just unsupervised but also AWOL. Was around 10 - 12, can't recall the exact age, but I ran away from home. Took all but 24 hours before this boy realized that the real world was 1000 times tougher than being disciplined at home. Eek
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18 and went to Busch Gardens with the girl friend.
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