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You did know, on recent versions of the Mac OS (either OS X or MacOS), your Mac's messaging app can sync with the phone? You receive your text message on the phone and on the Mac. Folks sometimes ask me how I am replying so quickly to texts. It is because I am using a computer keyboard to type in, and send, texts. When I am at my desk, phone docked, and a text comes in, two computers and a phone all alert at once Smile
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For real?
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I have used this on many iPhones including 4s, 5, and now 7 plus. But yes, on a windows computer.
Never used a mac computer. Always works on windows platform.

Can you tell me step by step or take some screenshots?

I can only see my camera folders and can only COPY pics/videos off the phone to PC. It is one way.

I cannot delete or move stuff from PC to iphone this way when using windows explorer.

It's like a read only flash drive.

On my Android, it is two way and I can see ALL the stuff on my phone.

That's what I miss about Android.

This is what we're talking about. We've always been able to see the camera folders (pics/vids) and copy them to the hard drive but not music, apps, documents, etc. and we cannot just drag stuff into the iphone using explorer. What you're doing is what we all can do with explorer.

Bulldog: do you have any itunes backups? Install itunes on a different computer and back up your current phone. Then go to the other computer and restore your iphone to an older date. Maybe the text msg will be there. Then go back to the newer backup and restore.

Not minority enough!
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