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I'm not in the purchasing-demographics they are cultivating. The entire super-car realm is somewhat entertaining in theory from sheer performance/engineering, just not one of the cheering fans. I suppose they have to look more or less like they do.

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I've owned Corvettes continuously for 55 years and it always takes time for me to adjust to the newest generation. I'm still on the C-6 and haven't been able to adjust to the C-7 yet so I'm really going to have trouble with this one. I guess my favorite is a 1962 but it certainly is a primitive ride by today's standards.
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Originally posted by Paten:
They should have made it a Buick instead. I only say that because there is no more Saturn brand.

They never would have done that anyway. They dont want a Corvette killer in their own stable.
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Originally posted by jaaron11:
It looks great, just not like a Corvette.
I agree. I think it looks more like a Ferrari 360/430.

I think it will be much closer to $100k than the article suggests.
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At least they put the calipers on the front wheels on the back instead of the front.

Why two sets of calipers in the rear? Is one the parking brake?
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As a young person. I like it, moreover I prefer it to the import offerings.

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Doesn't look like a Corvette because the tail lights aren't round? Say it ain't so?

Zora thought the engine should be in the back. The rest of them were counting beans.

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Originally posted by Hound Dog:
Looks like an NSX/Aventadore/Stradale hybrid. I really like it.

It may not 'look like' a Corvette, but it isn't 1967 anymore.

And, it's about time - they have been teasing a mid engine Vette for decades.

You took the works right out of my mouth... I was beside an Acura NSX this morning for a couple of miles admiring it. When I saw the photo above I was struck by the similarity.

(Photo is from the WEB)

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I like them all except at 6'3" my desire falls off. This one should handle really well.

Lasts zoom zoom ride was a '05 Pontiac/Holden GTO in large part because I fit in it comfortably.

Sat in a c7 vert in showroom and my eyes line up close to top of front windshield.
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I’m 6’3” and have generally thought all the vettes accommodated taller guys much better than their compatible vehicles. That said, I briefly drove my dad’s C5 last weekend, and getting in and out of it was awful compared to my BMW Z4M, but comfortable enough once inside. The driving experience was so much different - hammer versus scalpel. The C5 is fast, but heavy and brutish compared to my Z, which feels much lighter and directable.
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I suspect the C8 will be a great car, it is the extension of Zora's desire to build a mid-engine vehicle years ago. It will increase the handling capabilities of the car and allow future upgrades. For me though the front engine Vette has been my weapon of choice for many years. I was concerned that there would be minimal luggage space due to the frunk (front trunk) due to wheel wells and suspension encroachment. I bought a 19 Z06 and am very happy with it. It outperforms almost all cars on the street today and I do not track my car so it is enough for me.

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Keep the Corvette. Had a chance to drive this across the German and Italian Alps last week from Munich to Verona and back. Bucket list.

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I never pay any attention to the pre-release news,
just give me the real car. I've been waiting for a
revolutionary move, up to now the C5, C6 and C7 seem evolutionary.


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Being an owner of a C5, it will always remain my favorite Style of Corvette. The C6 never excited me. I'm OK with the C7. I have tracked one. I like it primarily due to the C7R. The C8 to me looks a lot like a Ferrari crossed with a Ford GT. Maybe someday it will too grow on me.

It's all a matter of personal choice. Smile
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If I had that kind of money, I’d prefer an Audi R8.

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Any guesses on the powerplant?

Very educated guess has me thinking 6.2l and a 5.5l along with a hybrid. We will see DOHC again in the Corvette which hasn't been seen since the ZR1 from 1990-1995.


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