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Amen. LDD is the man.

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God Save SIGforum!!!

Thanks Para and LDD

"If you’re a leader, you lead the way. Not just on the easy ones; you take the tough ones too…” – MAJ Richard D. Winters (1918-2011), E Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne

"Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil... Therefore, as tongues of fire lick up straw and as dry grass sinks down in the flames, so their roots will decay and their flowers blow away like dust; for they have rejected the law of the Lord Almighty and spurned the word of the Holy One of Israel." - Isaiah 5:20,24
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Originally posted by braillediver:
Originally posted by feersum dreadnaught:
Any potential to establish a "sustaining member" option?

I'll second that.

This, or something similar would be a good idea.

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Originally posted by Dakor:
I can't say how grateful I am to the three of you gentlemen for keeping this beacon not just alive, but as a thriving bastion of American values & long-distance friendships.

Couldn't have said it any better.
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lex talionis
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Savor the limelight
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I'm so thankful this forum exists as it does. The rest of the web has become a cluttered mess. At one point, getting online saved me time and money. I've been questioning lately whether or not that's true anymore.
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This is one of the few places I go almost daily.

Thank you all and G-d Bless.

May the forum last for many more years.
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10 Mirrimerter!
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Over the past four or five years, SIGforum has been solicited for purchase repeatedly. None of these companies contacts you once only. Each of them has sent multiple emails asking if we are interested in selling. Most of these, I simply ignore. For the more persistent ones, I do respond. My answer is the same each time and shall always be the same.


If they persist after that, I do not repeat myself by again saying 'no'. Some of these companies seem to be under the impression that my refusal is intended as an entry into negotiations, so, when they email me once again, I tell them "Do not contact me again". At least one of these companies is not based in the United States. To me, it seems fundamentally wrong for American gun forums to be owned by some foreign interest.

They're not getting this place, gentlemen. Let others be consumed and changed into caricatures of their original selves. Let others have their own voices silenced, to be replaced by the voice of corporate America. SIGforum will not suffer this fate. I say to you in all seriousness that I would rather have this place cease to exist.

Thank you Sir!
My dear grandmother had many sayings, "Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching" is one that sticks with me always.
I've been a dumbass on here more than once, but this is the only gun forum I've been active on for the last ten years for a reason.

As much as people have become news whores and gossip hounds, the intentional neglect on mass shootings makes this place a virtual oasis.

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Thank you Para, LBJ, and LDD.

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“With no police to protect you, did you own a gun? Did your neighbor?” - The Division 2

“Everybody wants a Sig in the sheets but a Glock on the streets.” -bionic218 04-02-2014
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The Whack-Job
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Thank you Para! For Sigforum and all your efforts!

Best gunboard on the net. Long live Sigforum! Regards 18DAI

Blue lives matter.
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Wow, two 'Seriously Sobering' threads in 24 hours, and thankfully, both have a VERY Positive outcome....Something that was not at all guaranteed upon first glance of the thread title! To say I'm relieved (once again), would be a serious understatement!

Para, I must offer you a heartfelt Thank You!! Thank you for SIGforum, Thank You for the forethought to have a well thought out succession plan, and Thank You for heeding the sound/urgent advice of 'sjtill' to seek medical help when it was absolutely paramount!

In an uncertain (and seemingly insane) world, SIGforum at time seems to be the only oasis of sanity anywhere! As do many, I value my invaluable membership here! Should you ever need it, please know that we stand at the ready to provide assistance....All you have to do is ask!

Again, make sure you continue to take care of yourself, and those that love you! Be Safe, and Godspeed!


If Some is Good, and More is Better.....then Too Much, is Just Enough !!
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Fantastic!!! Thank you!!!
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I will fear no evil..
Psalm 23:4
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Man 2020 is epic in all ways. SigForum will prevail.
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Thank you.

"We may consent to be governed, but we will not be ruled." - Kevin D. Williamson, 2012

"All the citizens of this land are of right freemen; they owe no allegiance to any class and should recognize no task-masters. Under the chart of their liberties, under the law of high heaven, they are free and without shackles on their limbs nor mortgages upon the fruits of their brain or muscles; they bow down before no prince, potentate, or sovereign, nor kiss the royal robes of any crowned head; they render homage only to their God and should pay tribute only to their Government. Such at least is the spirit of our institutions, the character of our written national compact."

Charles Triplett O’Ferrall of Virginia - In Congress, May 1, 1888
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THE future of SIGforum looks bright. May it live long and prosper as it combats the Borg. Big Grin

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Thank you, sir.


Dogs are gifts from God, full of love. Save a life, adopt!

…and God made dogs, and it was very good, and God said: “I’m gonna have to have all of these back.” Genesis 1, gospel according to Mr. Monkey ✡

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Whew, I read the headline and I got nervous to open this thread Eek
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This is the best place on the web. It’s good to see it’s going to be in great hands for a long, long time!
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I cannot tell you guys how meaningful and important this forum has been to me over the years. I value my membership here deeply. Once again I am impressed by the forethought and behind the scenes activity that goes into making it this amazing place.

I wish there was some way we could assist in the cost, through membership, donations etc. A gamer clan I play with uses teamspeak and we all help to offset the cost of the server with small donations.

Thank you LBJ, and Para and I look forward to the future knowing it is in the hands of LDD. may you all be blessed.

This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it. -Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Joshua Painter Played by Senator Fred Thompson
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Thank you Para, LBJ, and LDD. Planning for such things is a lousy part of life but thank you for planning. I think I'd be lost if I went to open the forum and it wasn't there. Let's just hope you're around and swinging the ban hammer for a long, long time.
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