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So my 81 YO mother fell on the street on Thu. after visiting my sister at the Clinic where she she's been for the past month after 3 months in a comma.

Mother bangs her head pretty bad andis dragged back into the Clinic where they fix her brow with superglue and keep and eye on her while they try yo reach me.

My mother was rejected from Hell for being a really awful person.

I have the pleasure to taxi her home while my son, the only person,who can stand her is on his way. We trade places and I leave in desperate need of fresh air.
My mother carries no phone, remembers no ones phone number and will bitch, argue, fight and humiliate anyone for no particular motive. It's just her normal breathing method.
End of Chapter One.

Chapter Three
My son calls Sun. to warn us that my mother had fell again. When he came to visit her she would not answer the bell. She had fallen early in the day and could not stand up to open the door. No one knows how long she was on the floor and in what state. She could not reach a phone and call for help. An ambulance was called and then he called us. The time frame is uncertain.
By the time I reached her place by cab, just 7 blocks away, the EMTs werr leaving. Managed to talk to them and found out she had provided a heavily redacted version of her past hours, not even days. She's so arrogant and smart that most ppl will fall for her BS if not warned beforehand.
My son later called to say he was overwhelmed by the situation and we decided on a pow wow a couple of hours later when the commotion had time to subside a little.

End of Chapter Three

Will come soon to share the postponed Chapter Two and update the story to its current Chapter Six.

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Sounds like my wife’s Grandmother.

Her father eventually cut all ties with the evil bitch and I banned her from our property. I’m certain she’s out there spending her former husbands fortunes on prescription pain meds, because she’s so evil she’ll never die.

But I know it’s not easy for the family, it really sucks.
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Let her suffer what she deserves. If no one helps her, she might learn something. Do not be a sucker.

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You’re a good man, Nicky. Hang in there.

"....imitate the action of the Tiger."
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Please don't leave us hanging! And don't leave out any juicy details.
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Chapter Four
My son is visibly shaken by the events. At 21 he's not mature enough to deal with them. I was conquering the world at his age and he can't take the bus without screwing up...
Unfortunately for him, he's a submissive living picture of my at that age. Most likely a sick fantasy of my mother and a twisted way to upset me. Gave my kids the freedom of choice regarding gramma. One avoids her, the other is her puppet.

So, #1 son then unveils vague details of what becomes Chapter Two. My mother had fallen the previous day too. He blurbs something regarding his mother trying to help and we ask him what is her role in this play...? We tell him that she definitely does not belong in here, both mothers normally can't stand the sight of each other. No need of her presence in the current crisis. Not a honest person and definitely not a caring one.

We all agree that help and support is available and will be assured regardless of personal feelings and family will act as family. We are only minutes away and ready for whatever.
My kid says he can't carry this on his shoulders and we assure him that it has never been his load to carry. Meeting ajourns around 4pm and we will look for a neorologist to check my mother's health.

Chapter Five
Call my son to update him. We need first a regular doctor to defer us to a neurologist.
He then tells me I should be mad at him. His mother has taken mine to a hospital.... which one he doesn't know. Why he did not call us,he can'explain. Why is his mother in the middle of it, he has no idea. But he called her and let her in ignoring all we had just agreed an hour or so ago.

The mother of my sons would not answer the phone, messages or call us. She's got hold of my mother while she was again dissoriented and taken her to whereabouts unknown.
I call the medical insurance company and ask the ambulance destination. The give me runarounds until I threaten them with kidnapping and assisting in committing a crime. Then the info is released at the samee time the mother of my kids replies without forwarding their location. More threats follow. We grab a cab to the Clinic and she leaves in a rush as soon as we exit the cab. For a few hours she's got hold of my sister's empty appartment keys and my mother's keys and her note book. We're extremely worried about that.

End of Chapter Five.

Tomorrow I'll provide Chapters Two and 6

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One thing about support groups that people like is that they go in and find out they aren't the craziest person there. I feel so much better about my family now! I'm very sorry, Nicky, what incredible stress for you.

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Sorry to hear of all this drama.

Coming from a pretty dysfunctional family myself (family crest is “We put the FUN in dysFUNctional!”) I have experienced similar situations.

One of the best revelations of my life was when I learned that while we can’t choose our family, we can choose whether or not to continue to put up with their shit once we are grown.

If I wouldn’t accept a behavior from a friend, coworker, or stranger, I shouldn’t have to accept it from a family member either.

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we can choose whether or not to continue to put up with their shit once we are grown.

most excellent point;

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Originally posted by signewt:
we can choose whether or not to continue to put up with their shit once we are grown.

most excellent point;

Worthy of a re-post ...

"Pacifism is a shifty doctrine under which a man accepts the benefits of the social group without being willing to pay - and claims a halo for his dishonesty."
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hey Nick - sorry to hear about the trials and tribulations

you shouldn't have to go through that crap

hang in there pal

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My mother was rejected from Hell for being a really awful person.

You had me for the duration of the thread with that line...

Best of luck to you, and I hope all are well when the story is over.
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