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Another Matter: You should change that long string of underscores in your signature to an [ hr ] (remove the spaces before and after "hr", but include the square brackets.) This will put a line similar to what you have, but it won't horizontally overextend the page (and your post), and make long posts by you easier to read.

Please do this 45.


A couple SIGs and a few others
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December 1999, I signed up here on day 2. I have only ever seen 1 person with a date earlier than mine, by 1 day. There are several of us with the December 05, 1999 registration date.

Sometimes, you gotta roll the hard six
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Originally posted by mjlennon:
In sigforum years, I'm teenager now. Wink
How old is that in doggie years?

A mind is a terrible thing.
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Oh please, I run out of both fingers and toes...Perhaps there's a app for that! Wink
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