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Since we have been planning a new car purchase. Mainly a Toyota 4Runner. My wife's new rig. Her choice anyways Wink

We have decided to look at some other options. Something capable for all conditions. Weather and road. Also something a bit more comfortable and something with better fuel economy.

We stopped and looked at the Subaru Outback premium package which is the next step up from the base model. The one we looked at had several nice options and the msrp was $34k.
This is with the non turbo 2.5l 4cyl. boxer engine. We just looked and talk with a nice fella at the dealership. Not pushy at all.
We liked it. It was new for 2020 which is always a deal killer for me. But it looked a lot like most outbacks I see so not sure how much a a new model it is. Not sure but think it could be had around $31k maybe. Thoughts about the rig and the piston opposed horizontal boxer 2.5l

Thanks guys.

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If you want/need all weather the Subaru will outperform the highlander all day in slick stuff. I own both cars (no I don’t I read highlander not 4Runner) and a rav4 and in bad conditions even my wife would pick the Subaru.

I live our Toyota’s but the Eyesight system which is their safety package is better than the Toyota. It’s smoother, more refined, and the sensors aren’t attached to windshield which makes a Toyota windshield change much tougher and $$$.

I have the 2.0. 4 with no issues. Years ago the 2.5 consumed oil. Nowadays I don’t know.

I love Subaru. I was going to get another one but the Toyota guts moved on their price way more.

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I own a 2013 WRX, it's been the most trouble free vehicle I have ever owned.

My good friend has a 2014 Outback and she has never had any trouble with it. I have driven it a few times and it has good acceleration, and drives very well. Hers is a non turbo model. It's the mid range level.

Another friend has a 2015 Forester, that to has been trouble free.

All three just normal, regular maintenance.

We have never had any problems in foul weather with either all season tires or as for me dedicated snow tires.

None of them use or leak oil, or any other fluid. My WRX is usually a quarter quart low on average by time for oil change. Most of that is caught in oil catch can, so that is coming through the PCV system.

The Boxer engine is a very smooth running engine, so much so, you barely feel it running, except in my WRX as I have after market performance engine mounts and aftermarket pitch stop so my engine doesn't move as much as stock. Even then, it's not very noticeable.

Good ride quality, smooth running engine, great AWD system and as far as I have seen reliable.

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It depends on how long you like to keep a car.
Subarus are pretty much 300, 000 mile cars.
My Outback is at 152,000 and runs strong.
No issues yet.... sort of normal for a Subaru.
In deep snow or whatever, the Subaru will go!
The all wheel drive is seamless. You'll just see it show on the panel.
It's my understanding the all wheel is on about 10% of the time.
I've had mine out on some pretty rough mountain desert roads here in southern Arizona.
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The new 2020 outback is built on the new Subaru Global Platform. It's 80% stiffer than the outgoing unibody. This is a good thing.

The Outback, as compared to a 4runner, will be smoother, quieter, better handling, more efficient, and roomier. I can lay down flat inside of an Outback, and have spent many nights sleeping in one while camping. I cannot do the same in a 4 runner.

Subarus' AWD is pretty much legendary, and should get you safely through pretty much any foul weather that occurs on-road. It may even get you down some rutted out dirt roads too.

What the 4runner gets you is a tough body-on-frame truck, dressed up as a people mover. You'll get better departure, entry, and break over angles for off roading, and available 4wd with a low range and available locking center differential.

Unless you tow, go off road, or desire a truck chassis for it's ruggedness, the Outback will probably fulfill most people's needs better than the 4runner.
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As long as you are not towing you get a proven powertrain. We have two Forresters and love them. Over 300k between them.
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Subarus in general are solid cars, the new Outback is no exception. Buy with confidence, it will last you many years. Added incentive, they currently have 0% financing available across most models.

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I've driven some late model Subarus in my job. I work for a dealership in service.

My take is you can keep them. They can't get out of their own way.


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I have a Subaru as well. There are a beast in bad weather and have very good resale. Subaru buyers are almost like a cult. They are definitely great vehicles.

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I have a 2014 Crosstrek. Theres a hard uphill right turn into work which did in my front right CV axel. The backup camera has been fritzy too. But other than that, it's an incredibly rewarding car for the $. Once you get used to the CVT, you'll never think it's weird. But if that is like my Crosstrek, it'll seem weird on the test drive. I'd buy it again if I had it to do over again. And I'd buy another (Subaru, maybe a different model) if I absolutely had to pull the trigger on something today.
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I have a 2019 4Runner 4x4 and a 2018 Forester XT. The Forester with the 2.0 turbo has much better acceleration. The v6 in the 4Runner feels under powered. I’ve owned different Subaru’s for three decades now, in previous generations they had head gasket issues and they extended the warranty on my 2018 CVT to 75k due to some issues. I’ve never had major issues, my only real problem with Subaru is the poor fuel mileage. My Forester gets 25-27 highway. Some people here claim much better mileage but I haven’t seen it. Prior to my 2018 I had a 2014 Outback with the 6 cylinder. It was a good car with adequate acceleration. I guess the new 4’s have better acceleration than my old 2000’s outback had.
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We have had an Impreza WRX, and two foresters. Subaru makes a great car. The EJ25 is a rock solid engine. In a naturally aspirated car, that engine is over engineered. It is designed to be turbocharged, and it’s over engineered for a turbo.
The one downside to them are around 60k miles you’ll most likely need to replace head pan gaskets. (Not head gaskets), just the gaskets that keeps the oil in the pan around the valves. Being a flat engine, the oil just sits on the gaskets all the time.
The AWD system is all Subaru’s is quite advanced over what anyone offers.
I will give the Subaru, especially with the EJ25, a full thumbs up rating. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one if it fit our needs.

***ETA - One other downside. If you blow a tire, and they have more than 3/32” wear, you have to replace all four. Because of the symmetrical AWD system, you can’t have tires that are different in size. It’ll wreck the differentials.

When you get bored with it, we can do an STI turbo swap pretty easily. Or just go all out with a GT35R (GT3582R) setup. It’ll be a little laggy off the line, but at 3200 rpm whoever is driving will be smiling.

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I have had Audi, BMW, chevy, Ford,

I love driving my f150 (2013) 176k, My wife Has a focus RS with 50k Pushing 400bhp, 400lbfttq.

We helped our daughter do her research when she was 15. She ended up choosing a Crosstrek, We negotiated the price, I paid cash. The daughter put a substantial portion down, we paid the rest.

I would do it again in a heartbeat. We have eyesight system also. she now has 50k on the crosstrek. She averages about 32-35 miles per gallon when figured miles driven per gallons filled. It Is fantastic in snow, it is the easiest driving car we have ever owned.

Without any hesitation, I would pick the crosstrek to replace my beloved truck. At first glimpse I thought value of the subbie was overstated. Now I am sold. We like our cvt 20l engine, My wife and daughter are planning a cross country trip for my daughters highschool graduation, they will be taking the subbie.
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Thanks guys, good info. I know the 4Runner is a different animal vs the outback. As A explained well. Weird that it (outback) has more interior cargo room. I would not of thought that.

We need to decide which platform is best for us. I like the ability to tow. Having conventional 4wd with low range is something I like. Being a bit higher off the ground I like. But the outback has its advantages over the 4Runner in other area's. My wife said she thought visibility was excellent in the outback. Lots of well thought out aspects to them we thought.

The other aspect that is nice with the outback is it could be $7-10k cheaper.

And an occasional longer road trip would be a bit nicer in the outback I am imagining.

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My wife is on her third Outback-the current one is 9 years old and running strong with 160k plus. It is surprisingly good in bad weather and off road-she goes places on the ranch you wouldn't think possible. My only beef with it is leg room-I am 6'5" and am miserable on long trips in it but otherwise a great automobile.

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Wife has 2019 Outback. She really loves it. Drives like a car with SUV attributes. She has the touring model with the 3.6 H6 as she thought the 2.5 was too doggy getting onto the interstate.
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Search here - you will find many reviews.
2000 OB wagon - just put out to pasture (donated to Salvation Army - at 343,000 miles
2002 Impreza - 180K+ handed down to #3 son from big brother
2009 Forester - taken from me by #2 son - pushing 240K miles
2012 OB Wagon - wife's car at 105K (just did timing belt - last year for belt)
2018 Forester - ME - coming up on 40K

Yup luv em - and not a lesbian, tree-hugger or liberal in the bunch!

As an aside - if I could afford the cost and less mileage - I would have a 4Runner.

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We bought a new 2020 Subaru Ascent Touring model recently and we love it.

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We just bought a new Subaru Forester Sport. Subaru has come a long way over the years.

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I would avoid a 1st year redesign Subaru. Or you could roll the dice- didn't pan out for me in 2002. Bad clutch off the lot and had to get serious with SOA to get it replaced. But they've got the head gasket thing licked, right? In the grand scheme of things, it was a decent car- and every model has its issues. I prefer to know those issues rather than be a beta tester.
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