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I need to check a VIN for details on a reported accident.
If you have an account and can help me out, please drop me a line - email in profile.


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We had a vehicle totalled. Year or so later, I checked carfax. No record of the totalling, or the accident.......

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I looked a preowned certified Toyota with a clean report from Carfax. It had a messed up rear speaker and a good bit of broken safety glass in the trunk.
The same dealer selling the car repaired the accident damage and did they report it to Carfax?
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Carfax is only reliable as the data they receive. The fact that something isn't on there is likely not a Carfax problem. They collect data from repair shops, body shops, dealers, law enforcement agencies, state registration authorities, insurance, and other sources. Most data submission is automated. Sometimes you'll see multiple accidents a couple days apart where the same accident was reported by multiple data sources and the software didn't realize they were all the same incident. Or you'll see a car go through the wholesale and auction process and pick up phantom owners of only a few days or weeks. It's an imperfect system.

In the certified car example above, my guess is the dealer received the car damaged, a state accident report was never done, and they repaired it themselves without reporting it.
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