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Right after I finish the dry wall at the new MacDonalds, in Los Colinas, two girls, at the same time.

lex talionis
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Six months?! Dang it! It's been on my bucket list since I was a child to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade live in person. Can you give me 12 months and some change instead? I don't want to see some virtual emasculated COVID parade; I wanted the full-on big deal.
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We are dying men talking to dying men
Live life abundantly loving.....

"When you are going to shoot; shoot, don't talk ."
- Tuco
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After watching my wife administer my brother's estate for 2 years, I'd have all that business taken care of Smile

Airborne ! All the Way!!
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I'd immediately start selling stuff like guns, ammo, mags and tools so I get the most $$ out of them. Probably cut my wardrobe in half so its less for her to do later.

Make sure all the life insurance paperwork is ready to go for the wife, update will, power of attorney and living will.

Unsure when I'd tell my family, probably not till it was obvious I was sick.

Only bucket list type items are visiting Mt Rushmore and eating at Peter Luger's again.

Sometimes, you gotta roll the hard six
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I would do things somewhat like others, I would start taking care of liquidating all the worldly goods that I have amassed for myself. Get the home and the oversized property sold that my Wife could not run and maintain. Do everything in my power to make sure she was taken care of to the best of my ability. Then I could get REAL creative about bucket list!, why the hell not!!
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