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This rocket surgeon.

A Georgia woman was arrested Wednesday after she reportedly slammed into a chicken truck, fled and then told officers who tracked her down that she hit the vehicle because she was a vegan.

The investigation began when a truck driver told police he was traveling west on Highway 72 when a red four-door car hit his truck twice, WXIA-TV reported.

The unidentified truck driver called police as the car fled. Madison County deputies found the car’s license plate in debris left in the wake of the crash. They were able to track the car’s owner to Comer, Georgia, where they found the vehicle and a driver matching the driver’s vague description.

The woman, identified as 26-year-old Judith Armstrong, refused to come out of her house unless deputies secured a warrant. But, she did speak with them through the windows and explained what happened.

Authorities said Armstrong faces charges of hit-and-run, aggressive driving, driving under the influence, and obstruction. It was unknown if she’s represented by an attorney and bond information was not immediately available.

During questioning, Armstrong admitted being involved in an accident and fled for fear of what would happen to her license. She also told officers she hit the truck because she was vegan.

In addition, she denied having alcohol before making the drive but claimed to have “taken a couple of shots” when she arrived home.

Officers eventually obtained a warrant and she surrendered to police. She was tested for alcohol consumption and blew a .089, which is over the legal limit.


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All is forgiven... she is vegan, no worries, she apologized. Everything is fine...

What a crazy person. Perhaps I am too young but were these batshit crazies always around in numbers?

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She should show everyone how strong vegans are and climb Everest. Mad
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People are getting more and more crazy every day and so are their excuses. Also, do officers need a warrant to arrest her in her home as they had probable cause? Just curious.
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She needs jail time,and not a choice of meals.
A few months of baloney sandwiches as punishment would be an attitude adjustment.
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Armstrong admitted being involved in an accident and fled for fear of what would happen to her license

She's using the Liberal Victim Playbook. She didn't purposefully RAM the truck (she hit it twice) - she "was involved in an accident." She didn't commit hit and run - she fled because she was afraid of what would happen to her.

The article uses the passive voice about the accident, avoiding the fact that she apparently hit the truck TWICE, implying (to me, at least) INTENT. Then, they paint her as a victim, fleeing in fear.

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Maybe leftists are just effed up in the head. Would explain a lot

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Originally posted by BigSwede:
Maybe leftists are just effed up in the head. Would explain a lot

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Originally posted by Deqlyn:
Perhaps I am too young but were these batshit crazies always around in numbers?
Yeah, I'm past 80, maybe not quite as young as you are, but I remember the loonies being around from as far back as I can remember anything (day before yesterday?).

The big difference is, somebody invented a thing called a "picture tube," that turned radio into a visual thing and we got more news. Then Al Gore came along an invented a thing called the internet, and we got even more news. Then an eagle came along and invented a thing called SIGforum, and now we get even more news.

So yeah, we always had the crazy people, but now we hear about them more.

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We had special places that kept many crazy people off of the streets.
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Cite her for UIR. Under the influence of rutabagas.. Big Grin
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Vegans are a protected class now?

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Chicken lives matter.
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Next she'll be calling Rep. Lewis for reparations.

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So she wants to play chicken, eh?

Nice is overrated

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Airsoftguy, June 29, 2018

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....After all...

Regards, Will G.
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driving under the influence

Not a chance in Hades that they'll ever make that charge stick.


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In another article she confessed that it was deliberate.

"A Georgia driver purposely crashed into a truck filled with live chickens — because she’s “a vegan,” according to reports.

Judith Armstrong, 26, was cruising down the highway in her red four-door sedan about a week-and-a-half ago when she spotted the truck and decided to smash into it, a Georgia NBC affiliate reported.

The rattled truck driver slammed on the brakes, but Armstrong wasn’t done — she slammed into the vehicle again and spun in front of it, cutting it off.

The animal advocate fled the scene as the truck driver pulled over to call 911, the TV station reported.

At first, efforts to track her down seemed impossible because authorities only had a vague description of her appearance and vehicle. But Madison County deputies soon realized she “clucked” up, leaving parts of her car — including her license plate — at the scene.

Cops tracked her down at her home, where she spoke to deputies through the window, refusing to leave until a search warrant was produced.

She finally admitted to the deed, telling cops “she was a vegan and hit the truck due to it being a chicken truck,” according to the Athens Banner-Herald.

Major Jeffrey Vaughn from the Madison County Sheriff’s office said the chickens had just been picked up from a local farm and Armstrong was looking out for the safety of the birds.

“She was protecting the life of those little baby chickens… she thought,” Vaughn told The Post.

“Unfortunately, they were en route to a processing plant.”

Vaughn said no chickens were injured in the accident and the truck was also undamaged."

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
― Samuel Adams
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Originally posted by patw:
Also, do officers need a warrant to arrest her in her home as they had probable cause? Just curious.

Yes in this type of circumstance. (Responding to a pending domestic violence incident where the perpetrator is still in the home would be a different scenario).
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