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"Snowmaggidon"...March 11-12...25 years ago...anybody on the East coast remember... Login/Join 
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Originally posted by ruger357:
Yep. Birmingham got hammered and the comedy club burned down.

HA! I forgot about that. Carrot Top's stuff was in there.

I remember that a woman gave birth in her car. Got stuck on the interstate, couldn't get to the hospital and called the Fire Dept.

That was also the day my Dad busted me smoking. LOL. Big Grin

The big thing I remember was playing on the interstate. My Dad's house was right by the I-65/459 interchange. My friends and I went through the fence and played for a few hours - mainly just to say we did it as nothing was on the road.

We were also lucky that we never lost power.

Good times for an 18 year old. Big Grin

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I believe I remember that storm. I was 14, my neighbors had a house in Boone, NC, and we were on either spring break or some type of long weekend. There was going to be snow so I went with him and his Mom and Dad to their house, we were planning to ski on that fresh snow! Ha! Got up there, and overnight had at least 18”, and drifts piled up against the house and Suburban. I don’t know if it was 4WD, but there was so much snow on the mountain and we were up a big hill, we just hunkered down. Power remained on, thankfully, and the cable company actually opened up HBO to encourage people to stay home. After 3 or 4 days, the main road down the hill had been cleared and we hiked down there and were picked up and brought back home to Hickory. Never got to ski.
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I remember it but for some reason I thought it was later in the month. I turned 11 years old on 3/23/93 and thought we had snow on my birthday. Oh well... I do remember we had 10" at my house in suburban Atlanta.

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Got stuck in PA for my 15th birthday due to this storm. The state was shut down, full travel ban. We reached our limit, and when the roads looked passable, we started our trip back home to Maine.
We got stopped by a trooper just before the boarder, but when he saw where we were from he told us to continue (with the caveat that if we got stuck there would be no assistance available). W had no problems though.
Got back to Maine and found a drift covering the first floor of our house. We had to open the garage door and dig a tunnel to get in. Still took over 2 days to clear the windows and doors.

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Yep, was living just north of 285 in Atlanta and we got crushed. Funny thing is we got in late, (not snowing) and our apartment complex was a series of 2 story buildings with a parking garage underneath each building.

The next morning I didn't look outside, went down to the truck and as the gate opened I was amazed...

Taught the wife to drive a manual that day. Had a 2wd Ford Ranger and it was uphill out of the parking garage. We made a few practice runs and then I told her to go for it.

She launched out of the parking garage and as it started to spin I started pushing. Right as we got to the top I could hear her slowing the engine down and I yelled "keep giving it gas"

Of course, she pushed in the clutch and said "what?" So, I rested about 20 minutes and we did it again. Made it out that time. We were out of power for about 2 days. Her old apartment where her ex-roommates still lived was without for about 10 days. The roads got decent enough after about 3 days for us to really get out so we took them a couple of my camping lanterns and a propane camp stove.

Didn't have a TV and didn't listen much to the radio. Had no idea the storm was coming in...
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I was in basic at Ft Jackson....all I remember is that it was cold.
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Yeah, we remember that storm.

Went to bed with a prediction of "perhaps" 6 inches. No problem, right?

Well we got up and found 3 feet of snow. Too deep to walk to the store about 3/4 mile away.

Spent most of the day digging out our 150 yard driveway. Just got finished and the asshole snow plow driver came by and left us a pile of snow about 8 feet high and at least that wide across our freshly dug out driveway! Probably a good thing I didn't have my CHL at the time.

A neighbor came by in his big tractor with a scoop on it and dug us out.

Back in about 1970 we were living in Wheaton, MD. Weather report was for slightly cloudy.

Got up in the morning to find about 30 inches of snow. Weather guy never did live that one down.

Snowed in for 3 days until the plows removed enough snow that I could get out to the grocery store and then to work.


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