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Dude did the trail after a 21 year career as a sports director for local TV stations. Less than 3000 have made the 2,190 mile trek.

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Thanks f2 for the reading suggestions. I read the first on a recent vacation, loved it. And also picked up the second you listed. The logistics of these AT hikes is interesting, not to mention the personalities met along the way.
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Another book to read is Bill Bryson's 'A walk in the woods'.

It's a real reality check for most folks.

PS - don't let any bears read it.
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My two sons have hiked from Ga. to Va. in small segments as part of their vacation time. They have some great images of the trips.

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Being born in NH and still living here, I've hiked most of the trails in NH. I've done some of the AT in Maine (about 20 miles in), all of the AT in NH, all of the AT in VT, and some of the AT in MA to the highest mountain in MA. I'm so old I can't remember the name. It'll come to me sometime after I post this..... (Greylock??)! Also have done the entire Long Trail (VT) and the Monadnock Greenway (NH)! All were done in segments, so I guess I've done these twice.

Mt. Washington is definitely a peak to be respected. While I've summitted many times, I've also turned back a few times due to weather conditions. When you start off at 70 deg at the base and reach snow and winds at 5000 feet elev., you have to use proper judgement as to whether you continue or turn around!
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I did some of the trail and was pretty astonished at the number of weirdos you run into out in the woods.
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