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Political Cynic
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Participating in a gun buy back program because you think criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbor has too many kids

"I'm only myself when I have a guitar in my hands." - George Harrison

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Plowing straight ahead come what may
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Hat Crimes...the grey Ketteh's take Big Grin...

Link to original video:


"we've gotta roll with the punches, learn to play all of our hunches
Making the best of what ever comes our way
Forget that blind ambition and learn to trust your intuition
Plowing straight ahead come what may
And theres a cowboy in the jungle"
Jimmy Buffet
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Festina Lente
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Trump’s wild popularity overseas is one of media’s best kept secrets

By Thomas Lifson

The mainstream media pretends that their scorn for President Trump is almost universally shared overseas. While globalists everywhere (along with their media allies) dislike him for standing up for national sovereignty, a rising tide of populist revolt is shaking them to their core. And Trump is a hero – even a superhero – to the growing number of anti-globalist populists around the world.

Stark evidence of this popularity of President Trump comes from Italy, where a populist government won power – though the media tend to ignore this. The Carnival of Viareggio, described as “world-famous” by (the website chosen by Jeff Bezos for his j’accuse manifesto against the National Enquirer) dates back to 1873, and has established itself as the venue for featuring amazing giant figures. It takes place in Tuscany, a wealthy area that is a magnet for tourists worldwide.

Check out the highlight of yesterday’s parade:

Don’t you love the Twitter sword that he carries?

There was at least one individual who picked up the theme in the parade:

Most delightful of all: This crowd transferred their love of President Trump into love for America.

According to Bizpacreview, the representation of Trump has acquired a nickname, God-Emperor Trump.”

Trump’s supporters here in the states have dubbed this caricature “God Emperor Trump” because of its uncanny resemblance to the “God-Emperor of Mankind,” a character in the popular tabletop fantasy wargame Warhammer 40,000.

“The Emperor of Mankind is the immortal Perpetual who serves as the ruling monarch of the Imperium of Man, and is described by the Imperial Ecclesiarchy and the Imperial Cult as the Father, Guardian and God of humanity,” a Wikia fan page notes.

And this “Father, Guardian and God of humanity” looks just like the Italians’ caricature of Trump.

Looks pretty spot on to me:

Of course, this is but the latest evidence that President Trump is inspiring people all over the world. My colleague Monica Showalter offers these examples that are shunned by our lying media:

Thousands in England chant “We want Trump”

Protesting French Chanted “We Want Trump” as Media Ignores Them — Update

WATCH: Mexican Protesters Chant ‘Trump Was Right,’ Caravan ‘Is An Invasion’

And, from the Bezos Washington Post: ‘Just like Trump’: Bolsonaro leads Brazil’s presidential race with right-wing populist pitch

The globalists realize that this is a worldwide phenomenon, one directed squarely at them and the transition they have wright on countries everywhere. The last thing they want is for Americans to understand that President Trump is THE global leader of a populist movement that is growing, is pro-America, and has already toppled statist governments

Read more:

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Joy Villa's MAGA/Build the Wall dress at this years Grammys

Ricky Rebel

America First!
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delicately calloused
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They have to destroy MAGA and dispirit those who would promote it because it a unifying and effective slogan.

I'm sorry, I'm thinking about the cats again...
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quarter MOA visionary
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Originally posted by Bisleyblackhawk:
Hat Crimes...the grey Ketteh's take Big Grin...

Link to original video:

That is one smart Kitty.
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After Trump’s Demand, South Korea Signs Deal to Pay More for US Troops

South Korea will pay $60 million more for the upkeep of U.S. troops on its territory—this after President Donald Trump demanded that Seoul boost its contribution. The two nations inked a short-term deal on Feb. 10 increasing South Korea’s annual bill by 6.75 percent to $890 million.

On the campaign trail, Trump promised U.S. voters that he would fight to secure fair deals for the United States on the world stage. America’s NATO allies have boosted military spending by $100 billion after similar demands from Trump.

The South Korean Parliament has to approve the agreement before it becomes final. Unlike prior deals, which have lasted five years, the one signed on Feb. 10 expires in one year. Bargaining for 2020 funding is likely to restart in months.

“It has been a very long process, but ultimately a very successful process,” South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha said at a meeting before another official from the foreign ministry signed the agreement.

The U.S. State Department’s senior adviser for security negotiations and agreements, Timothy Betts, met Kang before signing the agreement on behalf of the United States and told her the money represented a small but important part of South Korea’s support for the alliance.

“The United States government realizes that South Korea does a lot for our alliance and for peace and stability in this region,” he said.

About 70 percent of South Korea’s payment funds the salaries of some 8,700 South Korean workers who provide administrative, technical, and other services for the U.S. military. Late last year, the U.S. military had warned the South Korean employees on its bases that they may be put on leave from mid-April if no agreement was reached.

Seoul and Washington have held 10 rounds of talks since March, amid Trump’s calls for South Korea to pay more. South Korean officials pushed for a three-year deal keeping their annual contribution around $864 million. U.S. officials demanded as much as $1.2 billion per year.

The allies worked to finalize an agreement in order to minimize the impact on South Koreans working on U.S. military bases, and focus on nuclear talks ahead of a second U.S.–North Korea summit, Seoul officials said.

On Feb. 10, South Korea’s Foreign Ministry said that the United States had affirmed it would not be changing the scale of its troop presence.

During his annual State of the Union Address on Feb. 5, Trump announced that he will meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for a second time on Feb. 27-28 in Vietnam. The two leaders held their first unprecedented meeting in June last year in Singapore.

The Singapore summit resulted in a joint agreement in which Kim committed to denuclearize his nation, pursue peace with South Korea, establish relations with the United States, and repatriate the remains of American soldiers. After the meeting, Trump suspended major joint military exercises with South Korea. Since the summit, Pyongyang has not tested any nuclear weapons or ballistic missiles.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in plans to discuss the upcoming summit with Trump soon, according to a spokesman from the Blue House. The spokesman, Kim Eui-kyeom, also confirmed that officials from Pyongyang and Washington plan to meet next week in an unspecified Asian country.

You can only go so far in any one direction before you eventually drive off a cliff
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The Velvet Voicebox
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Joey D 2/11/19


INTERVIEW — JOE DIGENOVA – legal analyst and former U.S. Attorney to the District of Columbia

VA CONTROVERSY: Joe shares histhoughts on the VA governor and Lt. Gov controversy:
FAIRFAX FACING INCREASING PRESSURE, NORTHAM VOWS TO STAY: Facing two allegations of sexual assault, Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax is facing increasing pressure to resign as Democratic legislators on Sunday circulated a draft resolution to start impeachment proceedings against him … Meanwhile, in an interview with CBS News, embattled Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam vowed to remain in office because “there’s no better person” to help the state “heal” from the multitude of scandals rocking its leadership than a doctor like himself.
Virginia’s lieutenant governor, Justin E. Fairfax has refused to resign in the face of sexual assault allegations, giving Democrats an excruciating choice: whether to impeach a black leader at a moment when the state’s two other top leaders, both white, are also resisting calls to quit after admitting to racist behavior. A second woman said on Friday that Mr. Fairfax had sexually assaulted her, echoing an accusation made earlier in the week.
WHITAKER: Matthew G. Whitaker, the acting attorney general told the House Judiciary Committee on Friday that he had never used his position to provide inside information about the Russia investigation to President Trump or his proxies. During a somewhat contentious oversight hearing, he also said he had “not interfered in any way with the special counsel’s investigation.” But he refused to discuss his conversations with Mr. Trump or why he recently said the special counsel’s inquiry would soon wrap up.
SANDMAN SUIT: Sandmann Lawyer L. Lin Wood: ‘Nathan Phillips Will Be Sued’: Atlanta libel lawyer L. Lin Wood, who represents smeared Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann, made it clear that Native activist Nathan Phillips “will be sued for his defamatory lies.” Wood told LifeSite News that Phillips is on his list of lawsuit targets, which includes major media figures and mainstream news organizations.

"All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope."

--Sir Winston Churchill

"The world is filled with violence. Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose."

--James Earl Jones

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Partial dichotomy
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Boom: Best economic optimism in 16 years, 50% ‘better off’ under Trump

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I have searched for this, but have been unsuccessful. A few months ago there was a listing of President Trump's achievements. It was over 200 items long. Can someone point me to that list? Thanks!
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I normally try to avoid watching videos as they are usually a waste of time. Also I normally don’t seek political wisdom from animated cats.
However in this case I made an exception, watched the whole thing, and now I’m thinking I need to set up a little altar to the Grey Kitteh. Just kidding, God!

“Little else is requisite to carry a state to the highest degree of opulence from the lowest barbarism but peace, easy taxes, and a tolerable administration of justice: all the rest being brought about by the natural course of things.”--Adam Smith, born June 16, 1723
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Admin/Odd Duck

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Rasmussen has Trump approval at 52% today.


New and improved super concentrated me:
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Tinker Sailor Soldier Pie
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Originally posted by lbj:
Rasmussen has Trump approval at 52% today.



Acta Non Verba
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"My guns are always loaded."
~R.G. Justified

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Still finding my way
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That is OUR President!! Thank God for President Donald Trump.
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Fox sucks, watched 45 minutes of speech, just to hear what Trump said on border/wall, and they cut in for a news break/commercial. Talk about not reading the room. Morons.


A couple SIGs and a few others
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always with a hat or sunscreen
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Since the Demonrats are not negotiating in good faith ....

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Victim of Life's
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I'm watching on Conservative Treehouse. They have 2 or 3 different feeds going now.

Support your own damn self and leave me the hell alone - Kurt Schlichter's Red, White And Blue New Deal
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doesn't mean you should
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Today's CNN headline says Trump's a racist because he calls out the whiter than white fake indian lady.
They use the claim that he's ignorant and doesn't know history because he didn't know the Trail of Tears started in Mississippi (it actually started in Lumpkin County, GA).
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A Grateful American
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Originally posted by smschulz:
Originally posted by Bisleyblackhawk:
Hat Crimes...the grey Ketteh's take Big Grin...

Link to original video:

That is one smart Kitty.

I love the grey Ketteh.

"the meaning of life, is to give life meaning" I could explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.
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Plowing straight ahead come what may
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Originally posted by sigmonkey:

I love the grey Ketteh.

And...she's Canadian...MEOW Eh? Big Grin


"we've gotta roll with the punches, learn to play all of our hunches
Making the best of what ever comes our way
Forget that blind ambition and learn to trust your intuition
Plowing straight ahead come what may
And theres a cowboy in the jungle"
Jimmy Buffet
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