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I've only been pulled over a couple of times since my teens. One time in the 70's when I wasn't carrying and once in the mid 90's when I was. I pushed it real close going through an intersection on amber and the light turned red halfway through. A female WSP officer lit me up and I pulled over. As 911Boss already mentioned, I didn't need to notify in Wa. but my problem was that I had a loaded .45 in the glove box where my insurance card and registration was as well as a J-Frame in my pocket. I handed over my CPL and drivers license and asked her how she wanted me to deal with the pistol in the glove box. She just told me to take it out and lay it on the passenger seat, and I did. The gun was a custom Colt Gold Cup that I picked up at the gunsmith after he smoothed out the trigger. She looked at it and said "sweet!". She then asked if she could look at it and I said sure and handed it to her still loaded. She cleared it and asked if she could try the trigger and of course I said yes. It turns out that both her and her husband were 1911 nuts and they owned a few of them. We talked guns and shooting for at least 15 minutes and I asked if she was going to write me up and she winked and told me she forgot what she pulled me over for. That was a memorable stop and she was a very cool cop. I wish all LEO's were like her.



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Here in WA, been pulled over twice for speeding (honestly just trying to keep up with flow of traffic, but yeah was speeding) while CCW-ing. Got a warning for the first and a deferred ticket the second time. Informed the LEO both times that I have a valid WA CPL and there is a firearm secured in a holster in the shoulder bag on the passenger seat. Both times the LEO more or less said "Cool, just don't reach for it and we'll be good".

Of course these were accompanied with me pulling over, turning on all interior lights, rolling down all windows, shutting the car off, then putting my hands on the steering wheel and addressing the officer with a smile and asking them how I may be of assistance to them today? I agree with Jimbo54 that WA has no duty to inform...but I figured being honest and upfront about the CPL and firearm with the LEO is always better than them having to find out for themselves. Fewer element of surprise during a traffic stop the better it is for everyone.
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I've never been pulled over since getting my LTC a decade ago or prior to that going to/from the range. All of my armed interactions with LEOs were:
  • During shooting league during my first stint in Houston. Nice guys enjoying the shooting sports and were good sports about losing to me Big Grin
  • Going out to dinner after aforementioned shooting league. Aggressively scrambled to get the seats facing the door, but other than that were good dining companions due to being amicable and having funny stories.
  • Bruce Gray class in Houston. One retired LEO could really shoot his tupperware (aka Glock), and had funny stories to tell at break. The other LEO got a lot out of the class (ie really improved) and was a down to earth nice guy during breaks.

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    Iv'e posted this story before. A couple years back I was driving home from work in the afternoon. I was pulled over by California Highway Patrol for doing 75 in a 55. My bad. Once I pulled safely to the side of the road, I turned off the vehicle, rolled all the windows down, removed my sunglasses and hands at 10 and 12. I was CCW'ing my Glock 19.

    The officer approached the passenger side and asked me if I knew why he pulled my over, and I told "yes sir, for speeding". I then told him I have a CCW and have a handgun in a holster on my right hip. He didn't seem to care, asked for the usually docs. I told him my wallet was in my pocket near my gun and he just kept an eye on me as reached for it. He went back to his cruiser with all my info including my CCW license and came back a few minutes later with no ticket. Told me it would have been an expensive ticket and to slow down. I thanked him and went on my way.


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    I was pulled over a couple years ago by Utah highway patrol for speeding (85 in a 70). When he approached the vehicle, I have all my paperwork ready for him including my carry permit. He asked where my firearm was. I informed it was on my right hip. He asked me to keep it there and goes back to his vehicle. He comes back, gives me a warning to slow down and tells me to have a nice day.

    When I 1st moved to utah, I was riding along with my dad on the way to a job when he got pulled over by SLC PD. My dad has a carry permit but wasn't carrying. The officer repremanded him for not carrying and sent him on his way.
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    I got pulled many years ago late at night for no tail lights. It was 0300 and I was on the way home from work, still wearing my work uniform and filthy from working in a machine shop, so no question where I was coming from, or where I was going.

    I had a .357 Mag revolver laying on the seat beside me, and when I pulled over I laid it on the dash so the officer could see it.

    He walked up beside the window and I told him there was a pistol on the dash. He reached in and picked it up, then proceeded through the stop.

    My truck had some issues with the wiring, so it wasn't a surprise that I got pulled. I didn't get a ticket, told him the truth. I had been working on the taillights and thought I had it fixed, but apparently I didn't.

    He cut me loose, but when he handed me back my gun he handed me the shells separately and told me not to be carrying a loaded gun around. I told him it didn't do much good to carry an unloaded gun around, and he just smiled and walked off.

    (This was pre-CCP days, BTW)

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    I was stopped for speeding about a year and a half ago. In Michigan it is mandatory to disclose, so I informed the officer as he approached my vehicle. My hands were also in plain view. When he requested my licences I did let him know that I would need to reach into my back pocket. He was a young guy and was completely cool throughout. He didn't ticket me and it actually appeared that he was glad I was carrying.
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    I've had a couple interactions while armed. Only one guy was a dick about it. Roanoke County deputy. He was a dick about everything in spite of me being polite.
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