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Used to have one.

I see in some of the new advertising self cleaning rollers to handle dog hair. I'm imagining that there isn't much chance that they live up to the hype, particularly for long haired dogs.

Does anyone have positive experience? If so, what brand(s) and level of cleaning should one expect?

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I have a Roomba I7, and it has constant problems with dog hair. 1 lab and 1 great dane.
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I have the iRobot roomba special from Costco. The 985. I’ve had it for three weeks.

This thing is fantastic. I love it. Does a great job. If you have a shedding sheepdog, no robot vacuum could help you. Normal dogs, this thing wouldn’t have an issue. Would eat hairlike a fat girl on cake.

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I have a rescue Husky who sheds incredibly given that I live in the deep South. The Neato D7 does a great job picking up both of my dog's fur. We run them 3 days a week and run the shark vacuum every 2 weeks. With long hair breeds, robot vacs are not a replacement for running a more powerful one every couple of weeks.

You have to empty the bins after each run as well or they won't work as well.
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We have a I Robot...

Does a hell of a job with my Pug's shedding.

Pugs shed 24/7/365.

As mentioned above you do have to empty the bin frequently.

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The newer ones with the rubber brushes are MUCH MUCH better at picking up dog hair. The older bristle brushes get gunked up with dog hair almost immediately.

My old roomba wouldn't pick up the dog hair hardly at all. My new e5 with the rubber brushes picks it up amazingly... as long as the filter is clean to give it enough airflow to suck it up. The rubber brushes agitate the hairs up and out, but it still needs enough suction to pull them up. That's where my biggest problem is. My filters get clogged SO fast.
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For real?
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My old roomba choked.
Three dogs (shepherd, husky, spitz) and 5 cats

My Dyson pet hair cleaner died too.

So I just buy $50 vacuums and replace them when the finally give up.

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We have the roomba s9+ and it works fine with our current dog which doesn't shed its medium length much. I don't believe it would have been able to keep up with our Shepard/Husky mix. Without the base, I'd have had to empty the bin at least three time. This means you have to be there while it's running, so it loses some of the convenience factor.
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We got the el cheapo Coredy from Amazon on sale for $99 after we got the pup. I did not want to spend much because I did not really expect these things to work. I was completely wrong on that assumption.
It runs once a day and I vacuum once a week with the big vacuum. I am very impressed with how little the big vacuum has to pick up anymore.

I am also surprised that it seems to get every room (4) on the floor and 2 hallways.

It does the edges really well.
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