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We are in the same area. I've literally, in my lifetime, have had thousands of ticks buried into me. I've never paid much attention to them but having gotten older and heard more and more stories of people getting sick from them its definitely something to watch out for. I have 2 friends who both cannot eat red meat after getting tick bites. Tick Born Illness isn't uncommon, but the odds are defiantly in your favor that you'll be fine. I don't know whats worse, playing your odds or taking antibiotics when you don't need them. Either way, you'll be fine.

This is probably not healthy either, but nowadays, when I'm out on the hunting property. If I find a tick or two on me, i'll go ahead and shower in Dog Flea and Tick Shampoo. It absolutely kills them dead and gives me more peace of mind.

If i'm turkey hunting, I use a combination of permethrin (on clothes) and Deet. Ever seen a tick jump? They will when they touch permethrin! None of this stuff can be very good for you I bet. When I've used that combo, I've never had one get me. Its amazing.

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