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I will be 100% safe. Why? I ain't looking into the damn sun using some Chinese bullshit that may or may not fry my corneas.

How many people are we going to read about a couple days after this thing who end up in the ER with destroyed eyesight?

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We didn't have eclipse glasses but about 1947 we layered some old photo negatives to view an eclipse. We didn't look long and none of us suffered any ill effects.

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You can always look at it with just one eye. That way if something goes wrong you'll have the other eye as a backup. Big Grin

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I will be using my Celestron C10 as a projector.


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We got ours several years ago from a local eye doctor that was selling them. We've used them twice, so far, with no problems. Not bad for $2.00/pr.

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Originally posted by Rey HRH:
My ancestors looked at solar eclipses straight in the eye and they lived.

They didn't need any stinking glasses, just a virgin sacrifice.

Caution is advised with these virgin sacrifices.

Will Durant wrote about the long ago chieftain who got the advice of his soothsayers and augeries before launching an important attack. Their advice, after due and prayerful consideration, was that the attack would be successful provided he sacrificed a virgin beforehand.

He sacrificed his daughter. On the following day, he launched the attack, and was soundly trounced. Durant concluded this account by saying he may have been mistaken about his daughter.

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Originally posted by Skins2881:
Originally posted by bob ramberg:
How would welding lenses work for viewing the eclipse? I would think they would be of higher quality. I think I have shades 10 and 11. I just saw SigSentry's post. Looks like I need to go darker or can I double up?

No doubling. 13 or 14 only depending on which source you trust.

We have binoculars, glasses, camera filters, all set for it! Can't wait.

Shade 10 is too light. I've viewed an eclipse briefly through shade 11, and I'm fine.

The reason for the shade 14, is if you want to sit and watch the whole thing all the way through. Shade 13 would give you a little more to look at.

Welding is very bright, and I can tell you that staring at really bright stuff for extended periods can mess with your eyes even when the protection is sufficient.

Shade 14 is the way to go to stare directly at the sun for the full duration. If you're just going to peek, shade 11.

I'd buy more welding gear before I bought "eclipse glasses." Just because they sound sketchy.


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Originally posted by arcwelder76:
I'd buy more welding gear before I bought "eclipse glasses." Just because they sound sketchy.
I'd rather have $20 welding goggles with multiple potential uses so I tried to buy welding goggles and replacement #14 lenses. However, I started too late and every place I tried is out of stock so I've purchased ISO certified eclipse glasses from a reputable company (B&H Photo).

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