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Oriental Redneck
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"seminary trained minister"? This bitch must surely have been trained by Jeremiah Wright. Roll Eyes
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The guy behind the guy
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So that I have this right...she says her opponent did not work for her victory?

Does that not mean that she hereslef was such a horrible candidate and campaigner that her opponent didn’t need to do a darn thing? Beto had long odds, but the man went down while making Ted sweat his ass off.

I can promise you, anyone I compete with will have to bust their ass to beat me. I don’t always win, but no one coasts to victory against me without an effort and fight.

I think you’re the one who should be ashamed sweetie...of yourself and your weak ass effort.

E.S. Dunbar
I'm confused...wait, maybe I'm not.
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Originally posted by TigerDore:
Those are the words. You need to watch and hear her to fully appreciate.

I just checked and the second video is there. You have to scroll down to just past the halfway point of the page.

A-ha! The second vid doesn't show up in Firefox, but from Safari I can see it.
Thank you.

Support our troops, and our veterans.
Go Hokies!
New favorite quote from the golf course: "It's not the club, son."
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Her better half better hide the knives for a while.
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