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Thank you
Very little
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So sorry to hear of her passing, my condolences to you and your family.

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Muzzle flash
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I will add my condolences and prayers to those who preceded me. I'm sure things are difficult for you and the family right now. Death is always hard to handle, but recognition that the departed is no longer suffering can help.


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My sympathies to you and your family.

God bless you.

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I'm not laughing
WITH you
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I am sorry. Such an insidious disease. It is as hard on the family as it is the victim.

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The Karmanator
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My deepest condolences. I lost both my parents to Alzheimer's - my Mom just passed away at the end of Nov. It is a hard way to lose someone.

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Prayers for you all.

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Very sorry for your loss.

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I am so sorry for your loss......


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Sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family.
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My sympathies to you and your family.
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My condolences.
Two things we must eradicate:
Alzheimer's and Cancer.

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My condolences. That's a terrible disease.

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So Sorry For Your Loss.
Hospice is a great Help.

My sister just went on Hospice this past week and they are wonderful and caring folks that do a tough job each day.
We Had Hospice with My Mom & Dad and My Mother-in-Law.
They were a great support team.

It sounds like you had a wonderful life with your wife! How Blessed you must feel.

Bless you and your Family.

Most Sincerely.

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Loves His Wife
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Terribly sorry for your loss and for the experience you and she both had to endure. God bless.

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So sorry for your loss. I can't imagine being in your pain.
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I am sorry for your loss you sir have been through a lot as all of us who have had family members with Alzheimer's. May your wife Rest In Peace.

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Diogenes' Quarry
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My sincere condolences on your loss. Alzheimer's is an insidious disease.
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me and mrs tac are thinking about you both at this minute.


tac and mrs tac
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Originally posted by Rey HRH:
I'm sorry for your loss. My Dad went through Alzheimers. My sister has recognized she's displaying symptoms. Chances are, I'll have one. I'd hate for my wife to have to go through it with me.

Please, please go get tested, the earlier it is caught the better. The meds that are available are quite good for keeping Alzheimer's at bay for a long time. My wife had it for 12 years so I speak from experience.

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So very sorry for your loss.
I can only imagine the hole in your heart.


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