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Alzheimer's claimed my wife Friday Evening Login/Join 
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This breaks my heart. So sorry for your loss.

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my condolences also.
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My condolences. Frown
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My condolences to you.

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I am so sorry for your loss.
Please accept my condolences.
Alzheimers is a terrible disease.

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What a horrible disease--Alzheimer's. Sounds like you had a wonderful life together. Sorry for your loss.

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My heart felt condolences. My wife passed a few months ago. I know too well the loss you fell. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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My condolences, sig229-SAS Frown

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May she rest in peace and may you find peace and solace.

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Sorry for your loss and our prayers are with you and your family. Thank you for sharing and reminding us to enjoy life and each other while we can.
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I am profoundly saddened by your loss. Please accept my condolences.
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With others here, heartfelt condolences. I'm sending prayers your way for you and those affected Frown

Regards, Will G.
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You and your family are in my prayers. That is such a terrible disease and robs the patient and family of so much.


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I am very sorry to hear about this. Thank you for sharing some of your wonderful memories with the love of your life. I am praying for you, and for your family.
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So sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost an aunt to Alzheimer's a couple of years ago. It's an ugly disease.
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Prayers for your great loss. She is in a better place and you just need to get better your self. Think about the wonderful times you had together and get on with your life.

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May she rest in peace, my condolences.
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I am so sorry.


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