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tumbles into the sea
is navel gazing a liberal term? just wondering, as i've seen in on a left movie site.
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I've heard of 'navel maneuvers,' which have very little to do with the navy. . . Smile

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Maybe it's akin to "meat gazing"?

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I've generally seen it used as a term used to describe lefties. As in, he's a dope-smoking, long-haired, maggot-infested, navel gazing, FM type. Smile
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I heard it as "contemplating" one's navel, something hippies did when high.
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Introspective, solipsistic, self-absorbed, onanist, ego centric -- not mentalities generally cultivated. I use the term "navel gazing" regularly these days.


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I've always taken it to mean someone who is lazy and not too bright, hence he's content to sit and gaze at his own navel, rather than be productive.
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I guess it’s the 2018 iteration of “contemplating his navel”.

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IN D.C., there's a whole building dedicated to the enterprise:


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ha - good one - hadn't thought of that

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Originally posted by LS1 GTO:
Maybe it's akin to "meat gazing"?

At least have the common decency to knock on the bathroom door before entering! You dont want that reputation.
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It is called omphaloskepsis.


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Originally posted by HighZonie:
It is called omphaloskepsis.

I love new words, but there is no way I'll ever remember how that is written nor pronounced.

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Int that a term for dumber than a sack of rocks? Or is it some type of phrase some liberal women shout when a male looks at them?

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