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Nothing. But I am my own pizza delivery guy. I usually order ahead, stop in and pick it up on my way home.

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Originally posted by bionic218:
As I don't have a lot of money, I like to give them a mental tip, like: Don't stare directly into the sun.
"Don't breathe underwater" is also universally useful information.

Some people may not know.

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Depends on delivery fee. Zero fee $3-4 for small order ($20-25). $4-5 if it is a bigger order and they bring drinks that are actually cold.

If there is a delivery fee I tip $5, they can figure out how to slice it up at the shop. If it's a $4 fee, sorry driver is only getting a buck.


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Uppity Helot
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$5 or maybe $6 especially if the weather is shitty.
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Haven't had pizza deliver in years. But when I did, there was usually a delivery fee added plus I add no more than 5 bucks.

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Generally $5.00.

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Originally posted by jimmy123x:
Originally posted by arfmel:
Our only pizza delivery outfit here is Pizza Hut, which is simultaneously terrible and overpriced. Last time we ordered I gave the pizza dude $4. Now we eat frozen pizza, it's cheaper and no worse. And no tip is required.

You are NOT kidding about that. The ONLY thing worse than Pizza Hut is Domino's!!!!!111 Also the frozen pizza's have gotten to be a lot better than they used to be.

I'd rather eat the box than eat the pizza from Dominos. Why some people order from there when almost every town has at least 1 or 2 good pizza places is beyond me.

To answer the question at hand, usually $3-4. Delivery fees piss me off unless they actually go to the driver. But a lot of times they don't.

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I give a $3 tip. The company always charges a delivery fee, but I am not sure who that goes to. I think $3 is a good tip; especially since both delivery companies are within 3 miles of my house.

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$4 or $5 typically. It’s worth it because we usually only get it take out when the weather really sucks and no one wants to go out in it.

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4-5 bucks for a couple pizzas.

Or "Stay out of dark alleys", that is a good tip.

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Originally posted by parabellum:
Originally posted by cas:
Have people come to my house, on purpose? Ha!
Actually answer the front door? Ha!
Pizza guy is out to get you, is he?

Yeah, he wants his $2.

I know, wrong product. But for the remake, it could be the pizza guy. Wink
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Two dollars.
No matter what the total is.

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I'm the pizza delivery guy and I don't get shit, except a little silence while they eat. Wink

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I got to be honest, it depends.

If there is a delivery fee (and there is) I assume that goes to the driver, if it doesn't, they should call it something else.

After that, I will go as low as a buck if the guy is unkempt, but if he looks respectable I might go as high as 3 bones.

I have had a shitton of pizza delivered on more than one occasion. Even though the delivery guy's only increased work is the to/from the car twice, I go $20, which I am sure he finds cheap on a $3-500 order of pizza and wings.


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I let him sleep inside at night.

We live far enough out in the sticks that we don’t pass the “banjo test” for the nearest Dominoes.
So I order and pay for pizza with the app, then my son picks them up on his way home from his town job.
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Mines usually around $5. I tend to order a bit more if we do delivery since, with fees, tax, and tip, it costs probably $17 or $18 for a $9.99 type deal. And from what I understand, the dumbass delivery fee doesn't go to the driver. I don't like to do delivery, but I cough up the money for convenience at times.

Originally posted by Elk Hunter:
Pizza guy?

Wife makes our pizza, and she does not get tips.

Big Grin

Should give her more than just the tip...

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3 plus the change
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Normally $4-$5. If a delivery fee in involved then $2 unless they are motivated, polite, or helpful. Then I might add a couple of bucks more.
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I answer the door with no shirt on. Sometimes they drop the pizza and run away.
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Depends on the total, but never less than 5. I make damn good money now, but I’ve worked in about every food type industry I could when I was a kid. Getting by was hard with those jobs. That extra few bucks each delivery paid my beer fund/gas/rent (in that order).
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