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They keep crashing into the windows. Today we've had 3 already. Mostly starlings, so I don't feel bad about them. Lucky the hummers are smarter and better flyers. The crashes aren't always fatal, but enough are that I've got to shovel them off my deck. Guess its the reflection and they think its still sky.

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Mu mom used to put black cut-outs of birds of prey on her windows, seemed to work...
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I've got these on one of my windows. They're clear static-cling decals that reflect light on a wavelength birds can see but humans can't.

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Just be glad Tinkerbell hasn't smacked into your window. Roll Eyes
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Why doesn't the bird swerve when he sees his reflection coming at him head on?
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Every summer the Hummingbirds fly into my shop and even with four large roll-up doors can't figure how to fly out... Then, the stupid Cardinals sit on the windows of my truck and attack themselves in the side mirrors and the chrome on the bumpers while crapping all over the side of the doors. Had one last year that constantly attacked the window in the laundry room.

I called Fish and Game and they said I can't kill them. This year a beautiful Sharp Shinned Hawk showed up and has been taking a toll on the song birds, must have a nest around close.

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they been pecking at the mirrors on my LeSabre, and then pooping on the car.

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Sounds like something out of Storks (the animation).

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