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I have a few Filson jackets, including wool and canvas double mac cruisers. I didn't pay anywhere near full current retail for any of them. Most I found basically 'as new' from private party/classified sales. I have a short unlined cruiser that I wear when working outside, particularly shoveling snow...unless its just flat-out dumping, it does a good job of keep you dry without overheating from the shoveling.

They do make quality gear, but at a premium, and in terms of modern comparables, using materials such as Gortex, from folks like Northface, Columbia, and Arcteryx they lag behind in terms of keeping you dry.

But they make if for it in terms of tradition and durability/ruggedness. Filson is much a 'working man' style, sort of like a Stetson. Do some 'hipsters' wear their clothing...well it is made in Seattle, so yeah...their shop is worth a visit if you're in the area with $$ to burn...(there's a few vids on YT for those interested)

I do have a one of their tin-cloth field coats that was my father's. That one's a keeper.

$.02 worth.


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A fan of Filson products. Some of the older items can be found at bargain prices. I have a pair of their Khakis that will probably live longer than me.

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I love browsing in Doms. I live about 1 mile away from there. I bought my carhartt duck cloth pants there that I wear for nasty work and hunting. And my US made Danner’s. They have lasted a long time at least 15 years. I wish they would expand to consignment guns and expand their line of new handgun brands. I don’t mind supporting local family owned shops but damn they never met a product that they didn’t charge full MSRP.

I have an older friend who has had a Filson wool vest that he’s had for at least the 21 years I’ve known him.

Originally posted by PR64:
Yes, Dom's is the go to place for Filson.

I have been going to Dom's since I was a little kid. Back in the day at the original location they were more of an Army surplus store. We would go in there and buy knifes, helmets, Army belts, canteens etc and play Army.

I have fondled the Filson garb but couldn't pull the trigger due to the price.

It is my go to store for my Carharrt stuff. Great store and is owned by a guys family I went to school with.
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I ended up with 3 of their mackinaw cruiser type coats. One is more of the hunting style with shot gun shell front pocket and game “pouch” in the back. Love them. Expensive. Got one of them for free from Filson. It’s been years now but I ordered one directly from them and somehow they not only lost my order but gave me the wrong info as well. Took like two months to untangle and had to get a manager involved. They had just transitioned to new software and it was a complete boondoggle on their end. Mind you this is a 425 dollar jacket, the manager sincerely apologized, took my sizing, and asked for my address and said he would personally get my jacket in the mail that week. On Filson. It took me aback. I insisted that it wasn’t necessary. He insisted back. I got free coat the next week. I felt so, not guilty but amazed, that in the next couple months I bought a third coat, the hunting one, and a vest.

For the cruiser style wool stuff they are outstanding and it will outlive me unless my kids are dumb enough to throw them away.
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Yes, my one and only. We jetted multiple times across country, my sole luggage on 8 - 31 day visits to a sick friend. "Carry-on" qualified. On winter road trips, I keep 2-3 days supplies in it, in the cab. In case my truck box freezes shut (happened!) or I have to walk away, fast, from my vehicle. It was a close-out model, 25% off. Here it is nearly five years young.

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I am a fan of the Filson bags. I have been able to find quite a few items this year at deep discounts.

Never owned any of the clothes. Some good used items show up on eBay from time to time.

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Originally posted by PR64:
It is my go to store for my Carharrt stuff. Great store and is owned by a guys family I went to school with.

The Saccullo family are good people, I've been doing business with the son who runs the business for 15+ years.
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I'm a fan of their bags, I only have two, a rucksack and a rolling duffle. I bought both over 20 years ago and both are going strong. I had a laptop bag, too, but that got loaned out and never returned. It was my "daughter" so I'll let that pass. At the time there was a company on line that had great discounts, I think it was a survey supply company.


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