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Okay, I'll tell you about my good week. Work is going well. We issued construction documents for a medical center and made progress on a school. My kids are doing well despite the social isolation issues of COVID. They're getting along great together, growing closer and just growing. My oldest daughter is doing a great job helping out managing our toddler.

My kids are eager to shoot guns and are getting into it. Last weekend we burned up some .22. We will probably do that again tomorrow.

My wife and I are extremely proud of our kids and I am extremely grateful for her. She's been kicking ass at work and managing the kids while working from home during the Kung Flu apocalypse. I've had it easy since my office opened back up in mid May.

I shot a 3 gun match today so basically I spent the day hanging out with a bunch of incredibly nice, jovial gun nuts so that was awesome as always. I'm getting better at competition and my overall skills are improving a lot.

Overall, there are a lot of good things going on in my life. Tell us about the good things in your life. Let's hear about the kids and the wives, the projects and the wins.

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Woke up with a migraine at 0445 , took two Tylenol and knocked myself out with Benadryl and woke up at noon with my head In better shape...

It’s been a good day since noon

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I had absolutely perfect weather for a road trip to deliver a tractor I sold.

Drove right to the place, never missed a turn (it wasn't quite the middle of nowhere, but you could see it from there...) and the guy was tickled with the tractor.

No issues at all with traffic, road conditions, truck or trailer AND I got 11.x MPG towing at interstate speeds!

All that and a cash infusion for the toy fund. Doesn't get much better than that.

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Went out in the boat with my wife. Weather was perfect, water was warm. Shot a few fish and ate a great dinner - blackened grouper and hogfish that had been swimming a few hours earlier. Now I’m the kind of tired I really like.
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I woke up and realized I had slept late (7:15 or so). Sold a few things on the internet. Painted some wheels. Bought a header panel that is impossible to find. When it was too hot I souped up the Black Selena and Mazinger Zero on Super Robot Wars. Finished a list of junk to buy for a store display, and maybe cleared enough to think about buying a gun tomorrow if the opportunity presents itself.

Wasn't able to get the 11+ MPG that PH got, but I didn't get a speeding ticket either. Wink

My other Sig is a Steyr...
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Drove 7 hours round trip and worked 5 hours there but got my daughter moved into her apartment for her senior year of college that starts next week.

Hot, sweaty, tired...but so worth it for her smile, hug and “thanks dad”

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Slept in until almost 0800 and had a late breakfast. Played 3 hours of pickleball against some thirty something guys half our age and kicked butt. Note to self: it's too hot to play from 1130-1430 in Texas in August.

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I bought an Ultralight. Quicksilver MLX. Supposed to be real easy to fly. I have several hours in airplanes,I also have 710 skydives,so hopefully I’ll be ok.
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Really did NOT want to do my cardio exercises today, but sucked it up and did them anyway. Glad I did. Today starts my 4th month with no soda (Mt. Dew was my vice. The stuff is like liquid crack.) So I eliminated all that sugar, oil and other shit from my diet. And got the results of my annual PSA test today: 1.1. That's actually pretty good for a 70 year old. I'll be seeing the urologist in a few days for the visit, but a PSA that low for a guy my age is good news. So yeah, today was overall a good day.
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Stopped at Bi-Mart for some weed & feed. Did my usual lap around the gun/ammo counter and saw they had Glock 43 mags on sale for $19.99 so bought a couple.
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Originally posted by MikeinNC:
Woke up with a migraine at 0445 , took two Tylenol and knocked myself out with Benadryl and woke up at noon with my head In better shape...

It’s been a good day since noon

Same Here. Had migraine, took a prescription pill, 2 hours later, no migraine. Painted deck wood all day long.

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Today was a good day. Woke up and was able to move around with next to no pain. (Day 5 after knee replacement). Able to get through today’s exercises with no issues. Made it through day with only one pain Med.
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I had oatmeal
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Sold 2 rifles that I wasn't using anymore last weekend. Today I sold a shotgun barrel I also wasn't using. Tomorrow I'm selling a bunch of ball ammo that was part of my SHTF stock for one of the rifles I sold last week. The proceeds from all theses sales will go toward paying off credit card debt and a new .22LR bolt gun to use with the rimfire can I'm waiting on.

I had a bacon and egg sandwich.
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After literally 2 years of trying to find an electrician to rewire my cabin I do believe it is finally going to get done.
A good buddy has a good buddy that is a licensed electrician and told me to call him. Well he said he would likely be interested in doing the job.
So he made the 2 hour drive (one way) with me today to actually see what he would be getting into and looks like I am finally going to get this place rewired!! Sadly, it is going to cost a bit more than I had hoped for by a few thousand dollars but I really had no basis for what I was hoping it would cost.
The good part is it is going to be completely rewired by a fully licensed and insured electrician. My other buddy says this guy is top notch all around so I have no reason to believe otherwise.
It’s pretty amusing though as I hate the thought of ever having to go in the crawl space. Only been in it once and that was from the top after me and a fellow Sigforum member ripped the floor out. This guy has no qualms about hitting up the crawl space. Then I warned him about our bear and how he is rather curious and will come out and watch what is going on so I advised him to be a little mindful. His face was not too enthused about the idea of a bear hanging out, I kind of thought he might not take the job on. As for me the bear does not bother me in the slightest I kind of like knowing they are around.

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I had bacon and eggs. Mowed lawn. Worked on a rusted locked up Marlin 336. Played squeaky toy game with boxer. Posted on Sigforum...VI
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I sold a firearm here in Para’s classifieds to pay down some bills. Met a new friendly member. Then our fridge went tits up.... I just got back from Lowe’s. Big Grin

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and every one of them words rang true and glowed like burnin’ coal.
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Well, my good day was yesterday.

I took the day off of work to take my father to a medical appointment. It went well. We spent some time hanging out and went to a local Hawaiian restaurant for Korean BBQ Beef for lunch.

Afterwards, I started receiving text messages from my employees congratulating me about the announcement for my promotion. I had known about it, but it hadn’t been Officially announced. That was nice to read some kind words.

Got the opportunity to coach someone who needed some guidance in their career. I think he will take my advice. He was very appreciative about me taking time to plan some things with him. He understood about a setback and is working to rebound.

I talked to my brother...just about brother things (guns, watches, and good things). It made me happy.

Had pizza for dinner and went on a nice long walk. Played with my dog.

In the evening, I had talked to some friends who were doing well. One just had a baby and another who found out that he will be a father.

I went to bed smiling and thanking God.
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went crabbing at Newport Oregon in my boat and picked up 24 Dungeness crabs. here is half of them. it's just a blast to run around in the bay checking crab pots.

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Today really was a great day!

We were up at 4:30 this morning and had a safe, uneventful haul of our horses over the mountain to what will be our new farm at the end of October. The horses settled in and we are settled in to an apartment we are renting until we close on the farm. Past several weeks have been hectic, with multiple trips moving farm equipment. Very glad to be here now with the countdown to October 30 ticking!

(We are going to paint the barn and small, 2 stall barn white with black trim)

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