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Corgis Rock
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I confess to being a news junkie. Over the last 3 months I’ve watched less and less news. None of the channels seem to provide “Just the facts.”
My wife comes down, grabs the controller and turns on a major network. Invariably it’s “Now several minutes talking to someone you’ve never heard of, talking about something you have no interest in.” News? It’s “Orange Mandalay bad.”

“ The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”
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Age Quod Agis
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I absolutely agree with respect to the problem of the media. I am also in complete accord with the 24 hour rule, the facts rules, the no conspiracy theory rules, the hide-the name of the shooter rule, and the no sensationalism rule.

I regret that it has come to this where an outright ban on discussion of these events is necessary. I am with Strambo, in that I have used these threads to learn how the shooters, crowds, and effective "good guys with guns" react to these events.

Good examples of these are the Pensacola Navy Base shooting and the recent Texas church shooting. I learned things about the events, how they happened and how they were stopped.

I think that knowledge has made me wiser and better prepared. This forum is the only place where I could have learned those things as the news does not report, analyze or discuss in any depth.

What we gain by forbidding this subject is that we stop feeding the media beast, turn down the societal temperature on these events, and to the extent that we are intemperate in our remarks, protect the interests of the 2A community by keeping those intemperate remarks out of the public sphere.

What we lose is the knowledge to be learned from the experienced and intelligent commentary that these threads often generate.

"We may consent to be governed, but we will not be ruled." - Kevin D. Williamson, 2012

"All the citizens of this land are of right freemen; they owe no allegiance to any class and should recognize no task-masters. Under the chart of their liberties, under the law of high heaven, they are free and without shackles on their limbs nor mortgages upon the fruits of their brain or muscles; they bow down before no prince, potentate, or sovereign, nor kiss the royal robes of any crowned head; they render homage only to their God and should pay tribute only to their Government. Such at least is the spirit of our institutions, the character of our written national compact."

Charles Triplett O’Ferrall of Virginia - In Congress, May 1, 1888
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I started reading this book on this very concerning subject / issue.

"The Liberal Media Industrial Complex" by Mark Dice.

Thank you Para
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Though I'm not much of a fan, I 100% agree with Sean Hannity's comment...."Journalism is completely dead in this country". The media will say and do anything to up their ratings and draw eyes to their websites. Virtually nothing they report at this point is accurate or honest. As such, I ignore virtually everything they print or broadcast. I also agree 100% with our president's assertion that the media is "the enemy of this country". We should treat them as such.

Guns are awesome because they shoot solid lead freedom. Every man should have several guns. And several dogs, because a man with a cat is a woman. Kurt Schlichter
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Frangas non Flectes
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It is no longer about reporting facts and the truth, and it hasn’t been for a long time. It’s been about selling advertising by using lurid, clickbait headlines.
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No Shit!!
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Official forum
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I am convinced the corporate media is 100% the enemy of liberty, truth and America as we know it. The people who are in charge and what they report is not fact based. The reporting, ALL OF IT is agenda based and by and large every news outlet leans either left or hard left. If it bleeds it leads. Our society could be less violent than in the past but if a media outlet reports every violent act suddenly it feels like times are getting more and more violent. They can craft public perception and they know it.

The best part about the internet is that the corporate media’s digital monopoly on misinformation and lies now has a legitimate challenger. But the silver lining is that now the truth is accessible to people who are willing to find it.

Industries change over time. I want to see the evil American corporate media eventually die and some other industry replace it. Hopefully something a bit more honest and friendly towards liberty.
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