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Originally posted by ChuckFinley:
We need to pick a "best of" thread and keep Jallen on the front page from now on. It was good to see his name again.

It was. Smile
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I don't think it will be a civil war as people are too fat warm and lazy, maybe that is just my hope as a civil war will destroy things and people that I love. It would take a black swan event to get it to the tipping point and posdibly beyond.

But I think we will continue to see the balkenization of the US along economic lines. So if there is a catastrophic event the shooting will not be along regional lines but neighborhoods lines and very few will be truly safe.

I have driven to work through active war zones and I would not want the people I care about to ever have to that. Very few are prepared for the carnage and evil a civil war brings.

Read about the yugoslav civil war and you will get a taste.
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