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67 Fall/Winter/Spring, 72 in Summer. 68 when its more humid.

Daughter was visiting from TX for the holidays and kept booting the heat up to felt like Summer! Then I would back it down to 67.

Originally posted by M-11:
67* year round. Like a slightly warm underground cavern.

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65 on the thermostat.

We have a boiler and baseboard heat. If you're cold put on a sweater. (Although I recently installed a 4-leg mini-split and I'll admit that the wife and I use the unit in our room for heat when there's wrestling to be had.

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74° winter and 79° summer
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Sweats and a hoodie generally. We keep that house around 68-70 degrees.

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I still have the AC on. Do I get to vote?
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In 2018 and 2019 I put in new windows, new roof with ridge vent, new insulation in attic, and a new furnace. I keep it at 67 to 68 depending on weather and 65-66 at night or when I am at work. My natural gas bill for December was $46.

I usually wear shorts/sweatpants and sweatshirt.
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66 degrees and my long coat German shepherd will occasionally come inside. Any warmer and he stays outside.
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We keep the thermostat on 72 in the winter and 76 in the summer. My son and I are both warm typically and my wife freezes.

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67 on thermostat for me but wife likes it at 65. I will check it every now and then and adjust to my comfort level. I lounge in old sweet pants and long sleeve tee with socks.
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My air conditioner is set to70. It’s been unseasonable warm here.
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64 degrees

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Thermostat for the furnace is set at 70; but the bedrooms at night often drop to 64-66.
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AC is set to 77 Smile

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65 deg. bathroom
60 deg. every where else

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72* all year round here in Wis.
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70 while we are at home and 68 during sleep. During work, it goes down to 65.

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I have Nest thermostat. It ranges between 64 and 72 depending on when we are home/away and time of day.

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69* winter, 65* overnight, we do not have AC

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The heat is typically off/set to 60 in my house during "winter" unless it gets EXTREMELY cold outside, as in below freezing. My house is insulated pretty well, so if the inside temp dips into the mid-60's (sometimes in the morning when I wake up), I'll hit the heat to 68/69, let the house warm up, and then turn it back down to 60 for the rest of the day. I'll don the sweatshirt, flannel pants, and heavy socks if it stays that cold. Blanket is on the couch...

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We have the thermostat set at 62 and wear warm clothing.

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