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Wait, what?
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The fireplace insert runs non-stop from late October or so through mid march-ish. The temp stays around 70 and the heat rarely kicks on.

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72 downstairs. 68 upstairs with the window cracked for a little air. I like to sleep in a colder room.
Sweat pants and t-shirt around the house. Acorn slipper socks if my feet get cold.

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No option for me to vote. I wear jeans, tee shirt and a flannel shirt. We keep our thermostat at 68.

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We don't get very cold around here but if it does for a prolonged period of time, I'll turn the house thermostat to 73. If it's only getting cold at night, it's the space heater since the dogs sleep with us too. No point in heating the entire home for just nights.

I would say that 90% of the year, it's shorts and t-shirt weather here. But I'm also from Chicago so I'm acclimated to the cold.


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We have compromised on 67°. I prefer 65°, but my husband prefers 70°.

I have a thin blanket with my feet out and my husband is wrapped up in 3 blankets.

My dad kept the house at 67° during the day and 62° at night, so I can’t stand a warm house.

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No choice in the poll quite matches us.

Both my wife and I wear long pants of some type, long-sleeved tops of some type, and socks. Sometimes one or the other of us will feel cold and the other not, so the one feeling chilly will bundle up a bit more. If we're both feeling too warm or cold: We temporarily adjust the thermostat.

We keep it at 72F during waking hours and 68F during working hours.

In the summertime we keep it at 76F waking and 72F sleeping. Usually shirts and tees. Same clothing/thermostat regimen as above.

Thick down comforter and flannel sheets in the wintertime. Lightweight comforter and cotton blend sheets in summertime.

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65 and I’m comfy in shorts. Wife goes for full flannel PJs and occasionally a blanket.
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We heat with wood, & I keep the house pretty warm. I spend alot of time outdoors & have no problems with the cold. When I'm in the house though, I like to be warm. Just being "not cold", or sitting around in sweaters, & fleece, etc, isn't good enough. I want to be warm.


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69 dudes!

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Winter schedule: bed time the house is set to 62. Undies and a t-shirt with plenty of blankets on as we keep the room cool. Neither of us can sleep when its warm. when we are all in at night or weekends the temp is set at 68-70. We always have pj bottoms/sweats/jeans on during weekends and at night. When we are sitting around the tube we all have a blanket on to be cozy. During the summer we keep it cool with the A/C(s) on.

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65 during the day, 60 at night.

Too cold for some, but works for us.

We have a big masonry fireplace, but it takes way too long to generate any heat so we rarely use it.

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70 during the day....comfortable with sweats. 62 during the night. It's chilly in the morning.
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My house is kept at 70°F all year. I sleep in a lounge chair in my Den, wearing black jeans, a shirt, and socks and shoes (yes, shoes--as a Diabetic my docs have suggested I never walk around my home without shoes on, and I have to get up a few times a night to go places). If I get too warm, I take off my shirt. If I get too cool, I have a little "Prayer Blanket" I put over my torso. And I usually have 1 to 3 of my 6 cats sleeping on me, too.


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mid sixties. Smaller house. When inside stand by the pellet stove to warm up. It is on low 24/7.

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75-78 in the winter, 78-80 in the summer.
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69/65 F Day/Bedtime during the winter. Typically a long sleeve tee and sweatpants after work or on the weekends.

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66 and I’m in shorts and a tshirt.
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65 during the day, 62 at night.
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67* year round. Like a slightly warm underground cavern.

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68* is what we keep our house at. Sometimes it cold and sometimes it feels a bit warmer. I could bring it down a few degrees but my wife would not like that.

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