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If there are no borders between third world shit holes and countries that are welfare states, what's gonna happen?

When a thing is funny, search it carefully for a hidden truth. - George Bernard Shaw
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Not sure I’m seeing Americans or English in that picture. Conflict of interest?

Mexico should open its borders first. Ironically, they enforce their borders to the south yet insist we open ours?

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - B.Franklin
"Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it." L.Tolstoy
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Delusions of Adequacy
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Repel all boarders.

I have my own style of humor. I call it Snarkasm.
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This BS could end tomorrow, or at least be dealt with in the majority, if the US would simply shut down all electronic transfers of money by illegals from the US to Mexico and other South American countries, and if the US would immediately terminate all US government funding of these countries. Something tells me the governments of these countries would do just about anything to keep that money flowing, because without it, they don't exist.

Guns are awesome because they shoot solid lead freedom. Every man should have several guns. And several dogs, because a man with a cat is a woman. Kurt Schlichter
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Originally posted by zoom6zoom:
Repel all boarders.

I read that as repeal all borders on my first try.

"The people hate the lizards and the lizards rule the people."
"Odd," said Arthur, "I thought you said it was a democracy."
"I did," said Ford, "it is."
"So," said Arthur, hoping he wasn't sounding ridiculously obtuse, "why don't the people get rid of the lizards?"
"It honestly doesn't occur to them. They've all got the vote, so they all pretty much assume that the government they've voted in more or less approximates the government they want."
"You mean they actually vote for the lizards."
"Oh yes," said Ford with a shrug, "of course."
"But," said Arthur, going for the big one again, "why?"
"Because if they didn't vote for a lizard, then the wrong lizard might get in."
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Lawyers, Guns
and Money
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Are we a country or a joke?

Without enforcing our border, we are a joke.

"To ban guns because criminals use them is to tell the law abiding that their rights depend not on their own conduct but, on the conduct of the guilty and the lawless."
- Lysander Spooner

"The United States government is the largest criminal enterprise on earth."
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