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Yeah, that M14 video guy...
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There's enough negativity in the world as it is. I don't want to hear statistics or politics.

Step inside for a surprising twist to the madness and share or listen to some good news, or good things that have happened in an otherwise chaotic global scenario. Every cloud has a silver lining...

I'm 46 years old, but in my time on this earth, I've already lost nearly everything in my life once and had to rebuild my life all over again. GOD has personally been good to me, regardless of life's challenges and troubles.

My job is still open and I don't have a "work from home" position, so work has been very peaceful as most people who can work from home are gone. No shutdowns, forced vacations or layoffs yet.

The schools closed this week so I decided to spend the mornings with my son and play 4th grade teacher. He's in private Christian school, so they can conduct learning as they see fit. They created an online E-learning curriculum and the teacher posts a lesson guide every day and a small lecture.

I've always had a knack for getting through to my son and explaining things so he could understand things, so he's excited to have me home in the mornings. We get to have breakfast in the patio by the fireplace, then ease into class and hit it hard until everything is done by noon.

My mom just turned 79 this month and she had to move in with us two years ago right after we bought a new home with an extra bedroom that we planned for her to stay in "some day."

After my step-aunt died, my mom had been living on the property and my aunt said she could stay there until my mom died. Well her POS son (my step-cousin) decided to take control of the estate and liquidate everything (two properties in CA) and evict his own brother and my mom from her cabin in the woods and pocket all the cash.

Well, GOD had a plan and knew it was coming so he paved the way for my mom to come live with us. It all happened after we bought our house with a room for her.

So through fate, or GOD's will, or whatever, my mom lives with us and both my wife and I are able to work. My mom is in great health for her age. She's really enjoying having me home in the mornings as well.

If something happens with my job, it will all depend on my wife. Her job is rock-steady. She's an operating room nurse at a level-1 trauma center. We'll just hunker down and support her as much as she needs if I'm forced to take a break from work.

If my day-job shuts down for a while, I'll be able to catch up on my backlog of gun builds for customers and spend more time with the boy and with grandma.

Yes, I do get concerned that my wife will bring something back from the hospital and get my mom sick, but worry can't do a thing. We'll just keep up extreme sanitary precautions as best as we can.

In addition, with any extra time I may have, I guess I can finally process all that brass I've been looking at for years and never had the time to do anything with. Talk about a long winter to reload!

Before the virus, everyone's lives were running at 1,000 miles an hour. Maybe some of us can benefit from a forced stand-still. Look at your wife. Look at your kids. Mentally engage with them and band together. Like a kidney stone, this too shall pass, but we'll be a better poised country after it's all over.

I know people are concerned about businesses shutting down, and I am one of them. My wife and I have pledged to support the local restaurants that cannot have seated guests. We will still practice our normal eating out habits at our regular establishments, but we will get takeout in an effort to support those businesses.

I also am reminded of a quote from Dave Ramsey. If you take all the money away from a rich person and he starts from zero, he'll eventually be rich again. If you give a million dollars to a broke person, he'll quickly go broke. Any businesses that may suffer will eventually be restored. I have that belief.

If you've got a positive angle to share in this insane situation, or a cool story, please share it. If you're a cynic, go spread your negativity in another thread.

For all those who have others that depend on you, try to be the lighthouse in the storm. Don't be shaken.

Take care, my friends.


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great post. Thanks!!!

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We are taking it in stride here, but as you, taking thoughtful precautions. It is all God's will, so why wring your hands?


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Not gonna lie. I’m concerned. But checking in here has been very helpful.

The Chinese say “May you live in interesting times.” This certainly qualifies.

"Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others." - Robert Louis Stevenson
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amen brother!

God has this and everything else.


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Diagnosed with Stage 3B colon cancer (combined with Sepsis due to colon rip from cancer) in Nov 2018. Went thru chemo and many side effects.

I'm still here, and I don't know if it would have been possible if God wasn't part of my life. I have no explanation other than God's mercy. I should have died on Nov 17th, 2018.

I'm taking some precautions, but I know we, as a society, will get thru this.

After all this mess clears up, I plan to volunteer at my church's hospital ministry if I can, help others like they helped me.

James in Denver

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What a great thread!

Really good, to read a string of positive posts.

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We are being given a great opportunity to learn during these trying times.

Despite all of the “concerning” and “fairly alarming” regurgitated information of the guys who will seem to be disappointed unless this bug kills a million Americans, this is an amazing time to learn about human nature, ourselves, and self reliance.

It is also going to be a great time to spend with family.

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An investment in knowledge
pays the best interest
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^^^ Well said sir! I was thinking the same and thanks for so eloquently stating it.

Concur on ABNB
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We rarely eat out. But tonight, we went to a restaurant owned by one of our friends, just to see how things were.

Things were awful.

When I walked through the doors...only four employees were there, sitting at a table looking at their iPhones. The rest of the joint was empty. They were surprised to see a customer. I was their third customer of the day.
This was at 6pm.
So, I ordered up four meals to go. The cook was summoned. He was out back, on his phone.

Tipped a little more than I usually would. And made a point to look them in the eyes and say, "Hang in there, gang. Things will get better. They always do."

I messaged our friend, the owner of the restaurant, to let her know that we would do our part to not let her (or any other business owner) down, to the best of our ability. This large town has a history of pulling together, when needed.
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Thanks Benny. Great to hear a positive vibe. Thank you.

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Great thread, thank you. This is a crazy time to be sure, nut as many have said, enjoy this time with your family and give it to God, he knows what to do.
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There is a positive outlook on anything. Thanks for the thread. I liked the OP a lot.

Biggest positive around here that was most obvious is the lack of vehicular traffic. Traffic in this State has got to look like California in recent years. Yesterday felt like a time warp to 1975.

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Even though the run on guns and ammo may seem stupid to some, I am actually pleased to see it because by accounts, it is mostly first time gun owners that are buying up inventory. More gun owners is a huge positive in my book. And the Bloomberg anti-gun machine has been awfully quiet in the last week., when more citizens start realizing that they are responsible for their own security, not law enforcement.

Also the image of prepping has taken a drastic turn. Used to be the stereotype of the survivalist dressed in camouflage, but now prepping has hit the mainstream.

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Got 2 kids here all day with almost no work to do. The school has said they will provide lessons online but so far it's "read for 15 minutes" kinda thing. Sports are also cancelled.

So this gives me the rare opportunity to torture these poor kids all day long. They will do anything to play on their Ipads and I already informed them they won't be doing that all day long here.

We have cleaned the entire house, like scrub the corners cleaned. Yesterday's workout was 50 pushups 50 pull ups. Today 50 kettlebell swings and 50 kettlebell deadlifts. We are reading a new book now. I eventually give in and let em have the Ipads till evening after they do their chores and workout.

My wife and I will then watch movies we've been meaning to get to. Rainman yesterday, classic.

I go wander the grocery store and Wal Mart getting little stuff to cook, beer, whatever. People are kinda wandering around too, which I can tell is boredom. People's spirits are up, and always up for a laugh.

God is in control. Opportunity to get stronger.

Aint scared of no virus.

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well, at least this can be looked at as a practice run for when the SHTF in a very bad way.
most people I am in contact with are upbeat.


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Thank you
Very little
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Neighbors son was playing basketball in a pro league in some Assfartistainukrany place, league cancelled the season, so he had no income, place to stay etc (team provided) they finally got him out and home a few days ago...

Family is healthy, all can work from home or are still working for now.

100 Cigars to be delivered this week, dog food ordered, lots of frozen foods in the fridge, Dogs happy we are home...

"My rule of life prescribed as an absolutely sacred rite smoking cigars and also the drinking of alcohol before, after and if need be during all meals and in the intervals between them." Winston Churchill
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Spent the morning playing with my horse. Grooming, exercise, bath, and then he had a damned good roll in the sand and messed himself back up.

Well, at least he's happy, and I have some extra time to spend with him.

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