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Originally posted by slabsides45:
Lock the cat out of the room. I kid you not. Eek

Learnt this the hard way after my hernia surgery, the cat's pain radar pinged and it came running every chance it got to sit on me, while for the previous year couldn't give a rat's about me. Go figure.

Hope you feel better soon, listen to the man in the white coat.

Yeah - the cat already jumped up on my lap and got one foot on the incision site! He is now being closely watched...poor guy just wants to make feel better.
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It's been many years since my hernia surgery. Small hernias in the right groin and naval -- caused by felling trees, when a big branch hit me in just a few inches from the hip bone.

Use the pain meds as necessary. But I recommend getting off the codeine and on to tylenol as soon as possible. The heavy stuff slows your intestines to a grinding halt. Let's just say you'll have some multiple-flushers when you get around to moving again.

Walking is your best friend. Do it -- a lot. Then walk some more. Then walk again. Ixnay on the quick movements and heavy weights. Your body will heal, but it takes time.

As others have stated, some people get nauseous with opioids. I've blown chow after every general anesthesia and heavy pain killer that didn't include some kind of anti-nausea meds. Pretty certain I'm not at risk for opioid addiction.

IMO we sometimes just have to work through the pain of some surgeries. Chin up, move slowly, keep the pets at bay.
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get a Netflix account and relax for a while.

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