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1 I found it scuba diving otherwise it'd be 0.


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Without actually counting, I'd say just under 100. Started out as just getting a hat as a souvenir from places that I had visited. Now even my wife will remind me to get a souvenir hat if I forget. Only wear a few of them, mostly from my college alma mater.
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Just one; Mr. Hanky...Howdy ho!

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6-7. My favorite is my Green Bay packers retro hat. Just wonderful for a Sunday afternoon.


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I used to have about a half dozen early in the spring. As I mow on my tractor with a woods mower behind it, I go under trees, and the hat gets swept off my head by low branches. Then I hear a pop as the hat falls under the mower. Now I'm down to one again. Looks like I have to some more this winter.

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Originally posted by RogueJSK:
Four. I have a big head (Size 8), so I have to special-order my hats. As a result, I only have a handful of ballcaps.

Standard ballcaps don't fit me, so I don't have that pile of free ballcaps that most people have collected over the years. All the normal caps I've ever received have either been given away or tossed out. "One Size Fits Most" doesn't fit me.

Another Boone & Crocket man, my condolences. I'm a 7 3/4, very few off the shelf will fit. If I find one it is treated like gold. 25 years ago the better quality hats would fit but that's long ago.

I have three that fit one very well. I wear western and fedora styles as they can be sized correctly.

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Half a dozen different ones, maybe. My current go-to is a thin blue line flag one. I don't wear them very often though because they give me hat-head and sometimes headaches when I adjust them tight enough so as to not blow off in the wind.
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