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parati et volentes
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Originally posted by V-Tail:
I would like to find a good source for the type that I like. Caps without the button on top. I hate the button. It creates an uncomfortable pressure "hot spot" when I use a headset, as in David Clark for flying, or Peltor for shooting.

I also prefer plain caps, without advertising material. I don't really want to walk around with a billboard on my noggin.

They have a model with velcro on the front to put your own patch on or leave plain. Best of all, no button.
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Crusty old
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I'd guess 30-40. In my golf addiction years I'd buy one from every course I played around the country when I travelled for work. I also have a lot of sports team caps as well. I don't a bunch of gun related hats.



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The Velvet Voicebox
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Over 100 for sure. From the job. Gun sites, kettlebells, etc.

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Several. (caps, ball caps, truckers cap, or just plain hats they are called around here sometimes) Every place used to give them away but not so much anymore. And the prices!!! I won't pay 15 or 20 bucks for one but I do have a few nice ones, souvenirs from vacations etc. Got a Route 66 one from a trip out west and I did buy a Pineapple Willy's Hat in Panama City that's pretty cool!

Every day work caps are $5 from TSC.
Yard work brings out the safari hat.
Also have a few News Boy or golf style caps for dressier occasions as well.

Do I wear them? Well... I grew up on my dad's construction sites so it started back then.
A few years ago I took my cap off at work one day... a lady I worked with looked surprised and said "You aren't bald, I thought you were balding, I've never seen you with your cap off" I had worked with her for 12 years... yea, I usually have a cap on, unless loafing inside at home.

It's automatic, I have to make an effort to NOT have a cap on.

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I have several dozen, mostly from which has good prices, great selection and many options for caps or hats without logos, as I am not into advertising on my head unless it is important to me.
They range from ball caps to good quality boonies for fishing, hiking, hunting.
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I'm a one hat guy. I wear the ever loving crap out of my Seattle Mariners New Era hat, then the next season I get a new one. I retire the old used one to yard work/sweat in hat duty.

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Used to be a couple of dozen. We've been trying to declutter, so now just 2-4, 2 of which are ATM logo'ed.

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3 Pittsburgh Penguins
3 Pittsburgh Pirates
1 Glock
1 USS Abraham Lincoln that was purchased in the ship store while working as a contractor there
1 for my volunteer fire department class c uniform

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Originally posted by Gustofer:
I haven't figured out a good way to wash them without shrinking or otherwise ruining them so they don't last long around here.

I use one of these. I put mine in the upper rack of the dish washer but they say it can be used in a clothes washer too.

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40 or so. I have original baseball crew hats from the USS Missouri, USS Florida, USS Seawolf, numerous national park hats, university hats, etc.


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Probably 40 or so. I regularly wear 10-15 of them.

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Little ray
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Two or three dozen.

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When I was in High School and college there was pretty much not a day that went by that I did not wear a ball cap. I have hundreds in a box. I have about 10 on the shelf.
I rarely wear one anymore. Makes my head itch like crazy never used to do that not sure what the deal is.

Pretty much only wear an Outdoor Research Sunrunner when working outside to protect my head and neck.

Skin cancer is a bit prevelant in the family.

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I must have easily 50+ ball caps in my stable. The themes vary: vintage car parts, and speed shop-related, motorcycle, surfing, hunting-fishing, and then, the Carhartts. Usually, I'll EDC four or five hats per season, and then rotate them out. If you want to talk graphic tee-shirts, that's another whole topic.


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Way to many! I would guess well over a hundred. I have them in bags, boxes stacked on shelves and on the dash of my truck!!!!!!!!!! Never know when you need a lid to cover the lite area on top the ole head. Frown
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A lot. I have way too many to count.

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His Royal Hiney
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zero here.

I can't wear one. My head is too big.

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Hey, guys.

Bruce Gray sells ball caps with no button:

Grayguns no-button cap

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Originally posted by Rightwire:
I have boxes of them, I tend to collect them.

The most prized ones to me are the following
- The two from my old Fire Dept.
- Michigan State Police from my best friend the Troop
- One hat from each year I coached at U of M
- My Top Gun hat (a real one, not the movie hat)

I've got a Michigan State Police Bomb Squad cap. When I worked in the truck dealership the metro squad brought their truck to us for service. It was a thank you for us giving them priority and fast service when they came into the shop.

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