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non ducor, duco
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Just curious if there are any pool players on the board and if they are in any APA leagues.

I've read some about it on their website but it's dry reading and they just try to make it sound like its "fun" for everyone.

I don't want to join something that is just an excuse to go out and drink. I also don't want to be a part of something where I'm getting beaten excessively because I haven't taken it serious enough to play weekly all my life.

Any one with any experience?

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I used to be on an APA team. It was a fun time.

It's all about your team and the teams you're playing against. That's what will determine if it's fun for you or not.

As for being beaten all the time, they use a rating system to try and make it a bit more even. Players are rated 2 through 7, if a 6 is playing a 3, the 6 needs to win 6 games before the 3 wins 3.

It takes a couple matches before you get your rating. I believe everyone starts as a 4 when they enter the league. Your rating is determined by a few things, foremost is the number of turns it takes you to win a game. A 2 may need a dozen turns as shooter before winning, while a 7 can beat you in 2 or less turns.

I quit about 12 years ago (as a 7) because life got busier for me. So this info may be a bit dated.

Hope it helps.

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I did when I was much younger. It's a good time. If I had the free time and my ex hadn't stolen my cue then I might start again.

No I'm sad, hadn't thought about my Viking in years. Frown

ETA that evil woman swapped cases too so I didn't notice for a while.


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